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Clamping Question

Clamping Question

I’ve been doing the Newbie routine for almost 7 months now. I gained a quarter inch girth at the two month mark. (Up to 5in. Now) Which made me very happy. But haven’t seen any gains the last 5 months.

So yesterday I went out and got myself a cable clamp. I tried it out and I was amazed!! I gained a half inch while clamped!! It felt amazing and my dick seemed to tolerate it very well. I did 5, 10 minute sessions.

My question is, does that mean that 5.5in is the maximum amount of girth I can ever expect to gain? Which I would be happy with because that is my goal for girth. Also, how long does it take to start seeing permanent gains from clamping?


I’d back off on the number of sets. Keep it to three or less for now.

No, it’s just the maximum expansion you’ve seen yet. Permanence is different for everyone. There isn’t a way to accurately predict how long it will take. It’s why we stress it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

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Ok.I’ll stay a 3 every other day for awhile. Thanks for the advice!

Everyone gains at different rates. I gained length quickly however I’ve been clamping for at least 6-8 months steady daily. I do 3-4 10 minute sets & I’ve not gained anything. Like you if I could even get to the size I am while in the clamp I too would be ecstatic.

I had the same thought early on in my clamping career - was clamped at 5.5” but now I’m clamped at almost 6”. Take Titleist’s advice, less is more with clamping. Don’t risk injury in this instant gratification world we live in now - stay the course and gains will be made. And eat right, drink lots of water, and have fun!

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Be present with your routine, don't just glaze over and make it a chore. Change it up at least quarterly - just like a weight workout you need to keep him guessing.

I will take it slow!! But I must say, being able to feel myself, at the girth I want, was Amazing!! Really hoping I can get there!! Thanks!

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