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Clamping For A Newbie

Clamping For A Newbie

I’ve been doing PE for 1 month so far and I would like to know if it’s possible to start clamping. I know people say you should wait 6 months but would I be able to start if I started out slowly like 1 session of 5 minutes a couple times a week and then increase by 1-2 minutes every month?

There’s a reason we recommend a longer conditioning time before starting an advanced exercise such as clamping. Your likelihood of injury seems to increase since the pressures exerted within your penis are pretty extreme. Not to mention, the temptation to overdo it is pretty great, too. Once you see the expansion that typically comes with clamping, all logic and restraint seems to disappear and what was going to be a moderate, occasional, event is now full-on intense. Do yourself a favor and hold off for a few more months. We’d rather not be visiting you in the injuries forum.

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Thanks man , if I jelq 20 minutes a day for 6 months would I be able to start clamping after that?

Before going to clamping I’d sugggest other lighter girth exercise like dry jelqs and pumping.

Clamping should be your last choice.

The goal should be to gain, not to do a certain exercise. 6 months of jelqing should show you some sort of gain on it’s own, and if it does, they continue jelqing.

I feel like this mindset of “conditioning” for advanced exercises leads members to perform exercises half-assed and this is the reason they might not see gains from these newbie exercises. Then they injure or toughen themselves jumping into advanced exercises when they might have gained from so much less and so much safer.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Condition yourself, do this right. Everything we do here has a risk. Start clamping now, you will pop some blood vessels.

clgp7, cantlook and Drakp93 are posting it like it is. Heed their advice.

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