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Clamping and Hanging

Clamping and Hanging

Can I do both hanging and clamping for example.. 2days on 1 off 3sets x 15mins hanging and then 2 sets X 10min clamping?

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-

I am focused more on lenght but I want to add some girth too..

I’ve never overtrained and I think my unit is conditioned so I think this routine is good.. What do you guys think?

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-

When I read the title I thought you meant hanging while clamped.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

It’s fine to practise clamping and hanging. People generally will do their hanging sets before clamping as some people think that clamping can ‘toughen up the tissue’. Just make sure you use lots of heat for both.

Originally Posted by Tossed Salad
When I read the title I thought you meant hanging while clamped.

You just may be onto something! (kidding! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE)

@Tossed Salad I wanted to name the thread clamping+hanging but the forum ignored “+” and .. :D :D I don’t have in mind 2in1 :D

@Tweaking thanks :P

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-

Perfect, thank you :PpPpp

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-

Clamp away

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