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Circ Scar.

Circ Scar.

Ok I’m currently getting close to my 1 month anniversary of starting PE, and I’m glad to say that I have been sticking to it!

Now when I look at my penis, I can see which appears to be um in best words more transparent skin on my shaft (like can see veins) but I noticed near the base I’m starting to get more of skin that isn’t quite as transparent….is this the circ scar? It’s almost like there is an invisible line between the two.

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A circumcision scar is usually quite distinct. Not only is it where the color changes from dark (base) to lighter (near the head), but it’s also usually ragged, jagged or uneven in both texture and in the way it circles the penis. A Google image search for “cicumcision scar” will likely bring up dozens of photos.

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