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Changes to Scrotum Skin

Changes to Scrotum Skin


Have been doing manual stretches for three months twice a day and newbie Jelqing for three weeks. Whilst I have noticed changes in my penis it has become apparent that there is a noticeable change in the way that my testicles hang.. I have gone from having a very low hanging scrotum with the testicles distinctly either side of my penis to having my testicles sitting a lot closer to my penis Am I being stupid in assuming the reason for this is that my stretching is causing them to be pulled up because my penis wants to use more skin or it is getting bigger .. If that makes sense.. Or should I be concerned.. With my technique?

Hey dude I have noticed the same thing, I’m a newbie too, my guess is that the penis is growing and need more skin as you said but if you grab your penis you can see that there is an extra skin hanging from the sack to the mid of your shaft (aka the wing) not sure if it depends on the size, so this piece of skin probably is getting stretched pulling the rest of the sack with it, in my point of view there is only esthetics problem your penis will get bigger but you sack smaller although you might search for best answers

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge

Hmm, the extra skin I’ve picked up allows my balls to hang lower. Too low for my liking really.

Hi sckail

Just checked .. And you are totally correct.. Hadn’t noticed.. :-)


Okay, this is going to sound totally ignorant and I don’t mean to imply that anyone around here is that way but sometimes in our search for knowledge we accidentally overlook the obvious.

The skin of the scrotum reacts to changes in temperature, shrinking when it’s cold. You said you’ve been doing this for 3 months. Perhaps London is cooler in September than July?


You applied a heat rap like every good PE-er does, and at the end of your session your sac got cold?
Try examining yourself while taking a hot bath.

I found myself in the same boat as Raybbaby, I’m hanging lower. It doesn’t bother me and my partners love it because they tell me they love the way my balls smack their clit during doggie-style, however, one must be careful when sitting down, lol.

Grab the skin at the base of your dick with one hand, and grab your balls with the other. Pull balls downard. Turkey neck goes away.

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