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Changed Routine Now I Regret It

Changed Routine Now I Regret It

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. I was doing a very basic routine.

5 minute warmup

30 second 5 direction stretch

10 minute wet jelqs

10 minute v jelqs

5 minute warm down

Everything was good, had a good pump and was able to do 2 on 1 off. I’m not sure if I really gained anything in 4 months or if my EQ just got a tune up. Well the problem happened the day I tried to do 100 wet jelqs and 50 v jelqs regardless of time it took.

Just so you guys know, my jelqs are almost robotic, squeeze base when other hand reaches glans and they’re 4 to 5 second drags. Anyways after the longer work out I had a great pump, no damage, no pain, no red dots. Except the workout lasted almost twice as long.

Well today I decided to go back to to my original routine, and at the end my penis laughed at me. It was the same shade of engorged red it always get but lacked the weight I was used to getting. And almost immediately after warm down it went back to its normal flaccid hang.

My question is, did I mess up by going hard once and now penis needs that level of training to get a workout? Also my PI’s stayed positive. Thanks for any help you guys can give me would be great. Have a great day thunders team

If you have a routine that works for you I wouldn’t change it until you hit a plateau and you no longer see results. Only then would I change it up. As G263 said take a break and then get back into your usual routine.

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I also question reacting too strongly to one session. Bodily reactions to various activities fluctuate day by day. Take a break, go back to older routine.

At some point we have to change/modify routines. But keeping perspective is pretty important. Unless it falls off squealing, you’re ok.

That’s what I had planned to do, but wanted to consult those who have experience. My concern was that a break wouldn’t help much. Since I keep reading about over training toughening the penis. I’ll give it a try. Take a rest for a week then back to where I was. Good day thunders

Breaks always help. You allready know the answer. Start form the get go and never change anything that works unless it stops working.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

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