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Cementing gains


Jimmy, Maxtro,

BTW, I kept measuring—obsessive that I am. But my, as you term them, PSG’s goaded me on. I used them as a motivational device. It sure as hell worked for me.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


You know what I’m starting to think is, there isn’t really any best way to do these work outs. I think what matters most is to simply squeeze that blood in and force those cavity walls to stretch open.

However there’s got to be such thing as over doing it, and I’m thinking maybe maintenance work on my days off might help out too, instead of letting it shrink right back down to size.

I think the days off are important if you ever feel sore the next day. Personally I do a 2 days on 1 day off routine, and on the day off I usually have that dull ache. If I don’t have the dull ache I may do some extra PE on that day. I think the days off are good, but only if you need them, and I think more than 1 day off can actually be counter productive, from my experience it gives your unit too much time to tighten back up.

As for jelq styles, I have found that dry jelqing style exerts better force on the tunica and I seem to get better results. I still do use lube because it’s good for getting erections quicker, and I do regular downward jelqs with palms down (25) and then palms up (25), when I switch to my upwards jelqs I do regular jelqs (30) but then switch to dry style (sqeezing down hard enough that my hand so that it no longer slides across the skin but pulls the skin with it.) using right hand (25) then left (25), and finally do my held 90 second jelqs once with each hand. (with some head squeezing during that to get a nice tunica stretching out feel.) This constitutes one set, which I do 4 of. That’s my current Jelq technique.

For stretching I do V-stretching in all the 4 directions aswell as straight out (90 seconds each X 4 sets), I mix this with some of my own innovations to mix it up.(such as using the knife edge of your karate chop like hand to push down on the ligs as you pull with the other hand and put the wrist of that stretching hand over the top of the karate chop hand for a nice stretch.) And on my last set I throw in a 360 degree twist stretch clockwise and counter-clockwise, and an A-Stretch.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

My thoughts on this are really quite simple…and don’t help in the slightest!

Since everyone of us is different, everyone will require differing work loads, rest days, etc.

So essentially we all need to work out what is best for each of us. It really is a matter of trial and error. Horse and I have been fortunate in that what we tried worked for us right away.

It all comes back to my little motto …”If you don’t keep score, how will you know if you are winning or losing?”

Many guys don’t advocate frequent measuring. I’m the opposite, at least early on. I’d say take a measurement every two weeks.

Keep a training dairy. Record exactly what you are doing in as much detail as you can so you can look back and see exactly what works for you and what doesn’t.

Give every routine a thorough chance but do not persist with it if it is not working. 6 months on the same routine with no gains is simply wasting time.

Great advice, Andrew!! You’re becoming a veritable PE guru.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Hey guys
I’m not very expert in PE but what I’ve hear is that for PERMANENT gains new cells and new tissue must be created! Else, there is only temporary gains.
To permanent gains, I think stretcher is the device more indicated, in my opinion.
I’m very sceptic with manual exercises for reason I’ve just wrote..



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