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Cell death from over hanging

Cell death from over hanging

Hello, sorry if this question has been asked and answered before. I tried the search function and did not find anything too relevant and it is rather late at night so please be lenient.

The section on hanging has a warning about cutting off the circulation to your glans for over twenty minutes lest penile cells begin dying. Before finding this forum, I have hung for hours on end about every other day for a few weeks. I also hung too closely to my glans (practically right on it). Needless to say, I was foolish. At the end of the hanging session, my glans would be cold so I eventually wised up (after about 4 weeks or so) and stopped hanging altogether. My penis seems okay, but I am worried about a loss of sensitivity and somehow the menacing words “cell death” does not bode well for that.

Does anyone know the consequences of over hanging and if these dead cells get replaced, grow back, or somehow get repaired? Anything I can do to facilitate recovery?

I think I might start up hanging again, but this time I will be better informed after reading the articles on this site.

You are right that hanging for extended time without breaks will lead to cold and numb glans which could lead to the death of penile cells dying. This could further lead to gangrene which then would lead to amputation of the penis. In your case, your dick is working fine and as such you may not have cause to worry.

Dead cells are often repaired/replaced by the body as a part of the defense/recovery mechanism. Ofcourse, the extent to which the recovery/repair can occur mainly depends on the extent of the damage. No matter how well your penis can repair itself hanging beyond a certain point can have bad consequences as mentioned above.

Make sure your penis gets a good supply of fresh oxygenated blood. You can do this by jelqing lightly for a few minutes each day. Also, stop smoking(if you do ) to ensure there is no vasco-constriction. Take a good Vitamin C supplement. Drink plenty of water, atleast 4 litres a day. Dont hang for more than 15 minutes each set ,just to be on the safer side. Maybe you could start with 10 mins. Get some exercise in the gym to maintain good cardio vascular function of your body. Eat well and sleep well. Hope this helps.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Lose of blood circulation to any body part will lead to major problems. If you have been hanging for hours on end with something that constricts your penis you are asking for trouble.

It sounds like you got away with it this time and nature will do its usual job of repairing any damage, but please look after the little fellow a little better in the future! :)

Breaks to restore the circulation are vital when wearing anything on your dick!

If you want to start hanging again, check out the threads on vacuum hanging. That doesn’t constrict the penis like other methods and the loss of circulation problem is greatly reduced.

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You are lucky. Cutting off the circulation to the head is very bad and thank god that you don’t damaged your penis. I did it with the Jes Extender and lost alot sensitivity (Need much more time to cum)

Originally Posted by latency

I did it with the Jes Extender and lost alot sensitivity (Need much more time to cum)

Now Wouldn’t that be a boon to all the premature ejaculators? :)

Walk slowly but never backwards.

This is why I simply will not hang ever. I jelq stretch etc etc.. But every thing I do use no other items then my hands. I have a 7 inch penis with 6 inch girth I’m just looking for a extra inch in the length but I would say no matter what it’s just not worth messing with your Wang with weights. To risky. Just stick to the jelqing and stretching.

Jelqing, stretching and pumping were always my preferred PE exercises. They’re also the safest.

Hanging can be easily abused. You get numb/cold and it feels as though nothing bad is happening.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

I thought this was going to be about a guy that hung himself in prison! :)

Dam it gprent! That’s is without a doubt the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.Quite possibly all week!:mutley:

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