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CE not PE

CE not PE

i have been doing a ton of research on the clitoris and i think that the same techniques we use to make our dongs bigger can also be used by a woman to increase her unit. One fact is that the clit is a lot longer inside the body there is 6-8 inches of tissue from the ligs connecting the female erectile tissue to the tiny nub we see. There are alot of women who pump. maybe a tiny hanging device can be invented.

I think you might be onto something. I wonder if there is an interest in women wanting bigger clitorises. They’re not preoccupied about bigger sexual organs they way men are. But I think women who feel they’re lacking sensitivity down there would benefit from trying. I wonder if we’ll ever get a volunteer and hear how it goes.

The stress of PE ranges from slightly uncomfortable to very uncomfortable for a few men, especially anything that targets the glans, the most sensitive part of our penis. In contrast, a woman’s clitoris has many many more nerves along with two hyper sensitive dorsal nerves in that small pearl shaped organ that we love to toy with. The clitoris would be much too sensitive to stretch directly, though some women like to pump. Direct stretching may also decrease the amount of pleasure she would experience from clitoral stimulation.

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Very good point.

I also think most women don’t want larger genitalia. Large genitalia is something that women are self-conscious about, not something they flaunt. One of my close friends (female) has been a dance student for years and recently told me that she used to very worried she was over exposed in her leotard.

She was worried about the labia, not a long dangly clit, but I think the same principal applies.

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