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Excuse my poor english people I’m from sweden and I’m still in school

Well I have some “bumpy” soft stuff above my left testicle (in, or on-top of the “subtesticle” or what you call it (it’s the stuff that are suppose to transport the seamen I guess) it’s alot more on the left side but it doesn’t hurt in any way and I’ve had it for as long as I can remember..
I’ve never had any problems or discomfort with this but I thought that I’d ask just in case..

I’ve send an e-mail to a swedish net-doctor and he told me that this was nothing to worry about.(god I hope he’s right)
Well does anyone have some information/pics etc of what bi/sub-testicle cancer would look/feel like? If so then please share that information!

Then how about YOU guys.. Does one side of your balls seem bigger or seem to “hang” down more?

Note: the testicles are the same size, and nothing hurts even when I squeeze it, and I just turned 18

If it is something that you are very concerned about, why not go see a doctor and get examined?

Good luck and hope that everything’s OK.

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Don’t know about the “bumpy soft stuff”, but yeah, if you are concerned about it then you might as well consult a doctor and find out what it is. No online advice that I expect can eliminate your concern in that direction.

Good luck!

If you’ve had it for as long as you remember and it causes you no discomfort, don’t worry about it. The epididymus runs up the length of each testicle and does transport immature sperm eventually to ejaculation. They mature inside the epididymus. Since, fully stretched out, this organ is 18 feet long, bunched up it is easy to feel on each testicle. No need to worry unless you feel a decided lump; if so, do get it checked out. All of us men should learn how to do testicular self-examination. There are lots of sites on the net which explain how.

It is normal for one testicle to be larger than the other for some guys, or not, and for one to hang lower than the other which is usually the case.



Hey man don’t worry it’s probably veins in the form of a mild varicocele! If it starts hurting or getting uncomfortable see a doctor for a closer examination! I’m 99.9% sure that it’s either your epididymis you’re feeling or a mild varicocele.


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You’re in Sweden, right? And you have socialized medicine, right? So it won’t cost you anything to get it checked, right?
So, what is the issue? You only have two testicles, right?

What is the upside if it is nothing and you do go to the doctor? Nada.

What is the downside if it is nothing and you do not go to the doctor? Nada.

What is the upside if it is something and you do go to the doctor? Everything!

Hell, it may even save your life!

What is the downside if it is something and you do not go to the doctor?


Go to the doctor, silly goose ;)

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Sounds like varicose veins to me. I thought I had testicular cancer awhile ago, and went to the doc, and he told me it was just varicose veins. They’re nothing to worry about, but my doc told they could cause infertility, in which they can be removed, and the problem would be solved. But if I were you I ‘d go to the doc anyway.

If you think it may be real serious, get it checked out.

If you think it’s an abnormality, get it checked out right away! Testicular cancer is the most treatable form of cancer, and survival rates, when found early, are quite impressive. This is not to say it is cancer. It may just be a cyst or some other type of growth, but don’t waste your time worrying. Just get in the Doctor’s office right away.

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Would’nt a cancer lump be hard not soft? If it is soft, and causes no pain I wouldn’t worry about it. I would go have it checked out just to ease you’re mind.

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You’re probably right Pud. I chose to err on the side of caution - some might say paranoia. I don’t want to sound alarmist supper dupper. And I’m sorry if I cause you any greater worry than your condition merits. I’m just talking worst case scenario. But abnormalities, be they soft or hard, should always be checked out.

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

I can’t tell you guys how great you are for helping me with all of these problems.. *GOLD*!
The same night as I posted this thread I searched and browsed through a lot of pages on google and read that the “sperm-containing-vein” is suppose to be on one side, so I don’t really think that it’s cancer, but I’m not really comfortable to go see the doctor either :/

I just posted this question here to hear what you guys have to say, are YOU guys experiensing more “tissue” on one side or is it equally on both sides`?

Well thank you once again guys.. Thunder’s place really rocks!

I had something very similar it was a hard lump, however I saw a doctor and it tuns out it was a sperm clot, which sometimes happens. Apparently if you beat off a few times it goes, so try it , mine just went after a bit, also it comes back if I save myself up too much

This is from experience, so please listen up.

I had a lump on my testicle, scared the hell out of me. Wen to docs and had to wait 5 weeks for a scan. Those 5 weeks were awful, but, turns out it was just a clogged sperm pipe (can’t remember proper name).

My point is - don’t just worry about it - DO something about it.

Hope it goes ok

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