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Can you target where to increase girth

Can you target where to increase girth

Ok I need some advice for some minor gains.

I’m 18 I have a fairly large penis.. I am 8 by around 5.25-5.5 in girth.. I would really like to get to a 8x6!!

My cock is almost shaped like rectangle with rounded corners if your looking at it at the same level.the aerial view of my schlong measures about 2 inches across.. Yet if you measure a side profile of my cock the width is only about 1.5 inches.. Does that make sense?!



I am by no means looking for length gains, I like as much penetration as possible ;-)


Id like to know how to increase my girth, and preferably round off my cock more, make it more cylindrical if thats possible.. Is that possible??

Ill do whatever it takes

And if I need to gain length to gain some girth.. Hey so be it, could be worse lol

Is there any way to increase my base girth? My head is bigger than the base, also known as “baseball bat” if I’m not mistaken, anything to do about that ?

Thanks very very much, and I’m pleased to be a part of the new community!!

P.s. Been trying to register for months ON HERE!! FINALLY lol :)

Well I’m only three weeks in, but I developed this baseball bat problem . Turns out you need to jelq from the very base of the penis. I started with a slight baseball bat shape, but like I said it got worse. Once is tarted to jelq from the VERY base, hand pressed in against the pelvic bone ,it evened out. And it evened up too, the skinnier part, the base, got to be around the size of the head. Not sure about the other stuff, I know that the less of a boner you jelq with the more it effects girth, but you will definitely gain some length, because you can’t start advanced routines until a little bit of then newbie routine.

Alright get conditioned for a few months and you might want to think about clamping. Most people get more base girth gains from clamping compared to midshaft or glans girth gains, I know I did.

Thanks ! Thats good cause I could use girth midshaft and base.. Thanks giant.. Ill look into clamping.. What I would do for a thicker more proportionate penis .

Jake , now that I think of it, when I did jelq I didnt fully go down to the base.. Ill keep that in mind .gracias for the help

How exactly do you do clamping?? Is their a forum on exercises and how to do it?

Clamping is very dangerous! Many vets have been injured from the excersize, please wait until you are conditioned before you attempt it. Use the search button and you will find everything you would ever want to know about clamping. You basically use a “cable clamp” and put it at the bottom of your erection and leave it on for sets of usually no more than 10 minutes. Your dick gets way engorged, but there is so much pressure built up that it is extremely dangerous. I’ve even experienced an injury myself from overdoing it. So please wait a few months before you even try to mess around with clamping. Wait until your current routine stops giving you gains before you try something else. For now just make sure you jelq at the base, and maybe work up to some squeezes if you feel like you need them before clamping.

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