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Can You Give Me Some Advice Guys

Can You Give Me Some Advice Guys


It’s always been my fantasy to have a huge dick.. Huge like 7 girth and 9 length. More realistically 8x6. I started wet jelqing, but don’t really know when to up from 200 a day to more.And when or if I should use light weights or eventually clamps. I just need help figuring out the time frame. I can’t wait to be able to masturbate with one hand over the other, using both my hands to pump my cock. Ahh, the dream. C’mon guys. How much size could I put on by April?

>How much size could I put on by April?<

That depends entirely on you.

No stretching in your routine?

What types of stretches should I do?

Could you realistically gain 1/2 inch in EG by April? How much has the average PE gained in a 5 month period? I know that everyone is different, but just for the average person starting PE. What are the average gains, I haven’t really seen a post, though if there is one can someone kindly tell me to shut up and show me where it is ;) Thank

>What types of stretches should I do?<

Starting with the ones in the Newbie Routine would be good (see the simple stretches video) or the BTC stretch. Focus on downward angles initially to see whether you’ll get some length from lig gains.

>Could you realistically gain 1/2 inch in EG by April?<

Sure. Also just as realistically you could gain nothing. You might even find you gain length easily and girth with great difficulty.

We have stats and people have analysed them. You will find plenty of analysis threads. To start with people normally gain at a faster rate which then slows. This doesn’t cover everyone.

WOW that’s a lot of information! Thanks, this should keep me busy for quite some time

So how many months should I jelq and stretch before clamping? I also want to start with weights, about a month from now.

I also thought of making that stretch holder thingy that attaches your penis to your leg. Does that work. C’mon I need all your tips.

Just stick to the newbie routin for at least 2 months. Then if you havent gained change it, add more stretching, do some ulis.

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Originally Posted by wantonbe8x6
So how many months should I jelq and stretch before clamping? I also want to start with weights, about a month from now.

Even though some members don’t suggest clamping until after a few months PE, I clamped after 5 weeks (but I did some previous PE before finding thunders, so that probably helped). But don’t rush it, because you can easily hurt yourself if you’re not careful.

As for hanging, definitely wait until after 3 or 4 months of PE at least. If you screw up with hanging, you might become sterile. I’m in no rush to hang, although it’s worth noting that the biggest length gainers were hanging. Stretching can get some length, but for most people, it eventually stalls and they hardly gain until they hang.

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