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3 weeks and gained a little. I would like to thank Thunder for this wonderful site.

3 weeks and gained a little. I would like to thank Thunder for this wonderful site.

Let me just start out that I used to be a member of another board about 2 years ago and I’ve always had an interest of Pe. I just never really had the motivation to keep up with it until about 1 month ago I discovered this site and told myself that it would be now or never.

So like I said, I’ve been browsing this forum now for just about 1 month and decided to start Pe. On Jan 28 2005. I just wanted to get some knowledge of all the different stretches and girth exercises. Tomorrow will be the third week that I’ve been doing this and I’ve gotten some gains.

Basically the first day I went at it pretty hard with 600 wet jelqs and the increased it 1001 wet jelqs for the next 3 or 4 days. Then I took one day off and started back with 1001 jelqs for the 3 or 4 days and took 2 days off because my dick was a little bit soar. Up till then I really didn’t notice to much so I decided to buy a device called “Max-extender” off of ebay. I’m not promoting this device at all as it tends to be a little awkward to but the rope on your glans. But I’ve been using it for just under 1 week now for an average of 4 hours a day. I don’t wear it for 4 hours strait as it makes my glans really soar after about 1hour and a half. So I put it on when I get back from work, then I do my jelq session and the put it back on. My jelq sessions have changed as I now do them really slow but I average 2 hours daily. Some days I won’t jelq as much and wear my device longer in the day. Which brings me to my question also. When you guys jelq, does your glans get swollen around where the circumcision scar is? Mine does but I figure it’s just the blood that I rushed in there. Anyway, so far I’ve took maybe 4 days off since I started my Pe. I’ve gained just alittle 3/16 in girth and just and about 1/8 and length. I’ve also been doing some manual O stretches at time.

Do you guys think that I’m over doing it? I’ve gotten some gains but I can’t stop thinking that it might of been more if I would of took more days off. It’s just weird because I read some guys that get good gains with no days off and some with good gains with lots of days off. I take it this way, the more stress I put on my penis, the more it will grow. So if I take a day off, I’m not doing anything for it to grow which seems like a loss day to me. But like I said, I’m a newbe at this and I would love some pointers or what you guys think of my routine.

My stats when I started:
Jan 28 2005
FG=4 1/4
ELBP=5 3/4
EG=4 3/4
My current stats:

Feb 17 2005
FLBP=4 1/2”
ELBP=5 15/16 sometimes 6”
EG=4 15/16 sometime 5”

I would like to thank thunder for this wonderful site that he has created. It so good knowing that we have good people in the world who want to help others.


I also bought these pills off of ebay and I will be getting them and a couple days or so. I plan to use them along with my penis device and the jelqs. I hope to see some good results after 3 months of Pe. It would be a shame if I put this much dedication into it and not see big results.

Hi chic66

First Welcome to the Forum!

Possibly you are going at it a bit too hard. 1000 jelqs should really be reserved for when you have got your dick conditioned to the exercises. That’s why you are a little sore and get the puffiness. This is more likely caused by liquid build up in the area, and shows that your circumcision scar is protesting a bit.

You dont say the erection state you are in, but I mention it just in case. Don’t jelq with a full erection, and Most certainly dont bend your dick in the erect state. Doing that can bring on problems such as thrombosed veins, which will cause you to have to lay off for a while.

The Max extender has, I believe, a sort of noose that fits just under the glans, and can make things sore. You might try putting a piece of linen under the loop to ease the pressure, and soreness.

The general consensus of penis pills is not good. Most, if not all, are simply aphrodisiacs. But don’t feel to abashed about that as probably, most of us have tried them. But they are usually found wanting. All they give you is ‘up to 2” length gain when you get an erection. And you know how soon you can lose that!

Good luck in your aims! But remember it can take time There are fast gainers and slow gainers, only time will tell you what you are


If you are a true newbie. Then you are way over doing it. Also you need more rest days for girth gains. Length is another story, I don’t do stretches. But to my knowledge you can stretch every day for length.

1001 seems like a hell of allot. Maybe you’re just quickly going through the motions. And not giving each jelq a 3 second count. You should concentrate on getting good technique, and not just seeing how many you can yank out.

Keep you’re erection level low. You can injure yourself, and you don’t get expansion with an erection anyway.

Good Luck
Slow down
Take a day off

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Hey Deadeye.

Like I said in my post, I’ve done lot of research before I started to make sure I was doing things right. Sorry
I forgot to say how I was jelqing, it just slipped my mind. I start off by jelqing completely flacid and then it naturally becomes about 40% erect. When I first started, I would do 2 sec strokes up down left and right 50 times and then I would take a 1 min break or longer.Then start up again till I hit 1001. That would take me 1 hour and a half. In the break time, I would pull my dick each direction for 5 second pulls and then message it for a bit.But for the last few sessions, I’ve been going at a slower pace and only get up to around 600. That takes me a couple hours. Between my jelq sets, I message my dick and also pull it in each direction. And I’ve also been reading the post made by you and Mr0 about the Obends so I’ve been doing those in my breaks. It’s only been 2 sessions since I’ve been doing the Obends but I feel the pressure of all the blood in my penis. I’m in my jelq state so my penis is not erect. Just full and swollen. The reason I don’t think I’m overdoing it is because my penis doesn’t really start hurting until after the 3 day of jelqing. But then again, I’m only a newbe so I’ll take the advice. I do want to add more length to my penis along with girth. So then what your saying is that I can do length exercises everyday? But just spread out my jelq days? This question is not only Deadeye, it’s to anyone who is willing to help.

P.S. It’s good to see that your gaining with the Obends. I only wish that’s all I had to gain. I would like 2 more inches in length and 1 more inch in girth. This is probably why I’ve been going crazy with my exercises and bought the “Max-xtender and some penis pills. I just figure that if I combine all 3, it might speed up my progress. Because when I read post like “I gained 1 and a half inches in 1 month”, that just boost my spirits up. And like I said in my first post, it’s now or never meaning I’m going to give it 100%.

Thanks for the help. I will be taking the next 2 days off jelqing. If you guys have any more pointers or advice, it would be nice to hear it.

I’m thinking we will be seeing you posting in the Injury Forum soon cbick. Either that or you will hammer the fuck out of your dick and it will pay you back with a long period of no gains. If that Max extender has a noose attachment, be damn careful with it, if you do use it.

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Do you’re workout, and don’t do it again until you have absolutely no soreness. I predict it will take at least 48 hours to heal. To test the soreness, get an erection and during the first few seconds of the erection. If there is soreness you need more rest. Don’t sit there and heat wrap, stretch, and rub, the soreness out.

Remember there is no point and continuing if it is sore. Get the full benefit from the workout and LET IT REST!

And amazing thing then happens. You start getting much better workouts once you get the proper rest.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Your dick was a little sore? You meant to type 101 jelqs right? How many vets do 1000 in a day? Slow down before you make Thunder start a “What do you do when you pull your dick off” Forum.

Slow down a bit. I know this stuff is extremely exciting, but you need to do some conditioning before you injure yourself permanently. Then what good is PE to you. You only have one dick, treat it nicely. I would have started with the Newbie Routine (wait, I did start with the Newbie Routine). It’s in the Newbie Thread which you should have read first really. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t hurt yourself.

Good luck to you.

Oh, Welcome to Thunder’s.


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I’ve read on here were guys do the newbie routine for a full year. They get such good gains, they don’t do anything else. They say hell why should I change. If it aint broke don’t fix it.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Slow down take a break

Damn man.. Slow down take a day or 2 off a week.. I just started PEing about 4 days ago And I even know that that is way to much brother. Start off slow and work your way up gradually.. Even the most advanced PE’rz don’t do that much and if they do they are taking a big chance of injury. Take it easy man.. Maybe you could try spreading that 1001 out in a whole day if you are persistent on doing that but I would do 200-400 at a time twice a day max to start

cbick hasn’t commented on his own thread since the 17th. Lets just hope he isn’t pulling a 48 hour session.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Thanks for the advice guys

Hey, thanks for the advice guys. I’m writing this as this is going to be my 3 day off of jelqing. And let me tell you, it’s so hard to keep off this. I think it’s like an addiction, lol. To see my penis get bigger makes me want to try harder and that was my problem when I started. I just got caught up in there whole thing. So since writing my first post here, I measured this morning and I’m a solid 5 inch in girth. My length hasn’t changed. So this is why I decided to give it 3 days rest instead of 2. I’m going to try 3 weeks where I will be going 3 days on, 2 days off. And then I’ll decide if I should change it. I think I’m going to ease up on the jelqing and concentrate a little more on length exercises. Since I was jelqing for at least 1 hour and a half every time, I just figured that I was going length exercises at the same time because I was pulling my dick for that long of a period. But to my surprise, it’s the girth that has appeared to change the most.

We all have to learn. Some the easy way and some the hard way. I’m kind of stubborn so I usually learn the hard way, lol. I’m just glad that I didn’t hurt anything. I want to thank you guys for giving me this advice. I read up a lot on how much rest the body needs to heal but I think I just needed to hear it from you guys. I took pictures when I started and will be taking more when this is all done with. Give you guys some real progress pictures instead of the phony ones you see on those websites. There are some good progress pictures on this site and mine will be another one.

Anyway, thanks again boys. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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