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Can I get circumcised if I have big vein on top and right side of unit?

Can I get circumcised if I have big vein on top and right side of unit?

I have a big vein I got from jelqing pretty hard back in the day. I want to get circumcised a little later on down the road in my life but I’m wondering can a doctor even perform it if I have big vein on the top that runs over the middle of my unit onto the right side. Like if you pulled my foreskin up to chop it, you would have to cut at the vein. Thanks. ESPN Sports.

My bet is that this would not be a problem for a surgeon with a lot of adult circumcisions under his belt, so to say.



I’d agree. The surgeon shouldn’t have any problem with this. They would definitely have normal procedures to handle the severed vein during the operation.

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Thank you for your opinions. I hope it would not be a problem, hopefully a physician will read this thread and can shed some more light.

Why do you wanna get circumcised for bro??

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Because I can’t hang uncut I can’t wrap for the life of me.

If I had the choice between being uncut and being able to hang, I’d stay intact.

That said, I’ve seen any number of pictures of circumcised penises where a large vein ends abruptly at the circ line. I’m guessing an experienced surgeon can deal with that. They may need to modify the procedure as to location and extent.

If you decide to do this, get a surgeon who has done a lot of adult circumcisions, and who is willing to discuss with you what they are planning on doing, or who is willing to take the time to discuss the range of options with you.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Yeah it’s not that big of a deal man. I’m thankful for the replies.

This is surprising in that so many guys are into foreskin restoration and others are wishing they had never been cut. However, I wish you the best!

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Originally Posted by ESPNSports
Because I can’t hang uncut I can’t wrap for the life of me.

I’m having the same dilemna.

I figure I will get it done with in due time. I’m not financially able to afford one yet. It’s just a big difference in that, it looks better, its cleaner, and it makes PE realistic.

I’m just about 7 inches bone pressed and because I am so thick from my extensive jelqing (I pushed it too hard man — actually pop’d a vien and got minor ED and nasty veins to this day, no pain though), my penis looks small.

If I was cut it would look BIG but when your uncut it just carries smaller appearance. As far as length.

And so on…

I am uncut however I was able to hang with homemade vacuum hanger.
There are threads about it here on TP.
I was experimenting with it(still on newbie routine) and I could easily hang for hour with >2lb weight.
I recommend that you research it.

Few months back I was considering circumcision but guys here talked me out of it, IMO it’s not worth it.

I think that vacuum hanging is dangerous, trust me that is not safe and you can get hurt.

I am uncut and I hang. :)


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