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circumcised or not?

circumcised or not?

Hey guys

is crazy but I am not sure if I am circumcised or not…

Is possible to be circumcised and still have the frenulum?

Because I have it.

In this moment I have like half of the skin or more

covering the glans…(after peing I have restored like that)

Only curiosity, how to understand it?


any of you are like me?

I have always had like

a half of my glans covered by the skin.

Now, some more after pe.

How to understand if one is circumcised or not?



Is acheived by a surgical operation to remove the foreskin.

If you have had an operation to remove your foreskin, then you are circumcised. If you have not had an operation to remove the foreskin then you are not circumcised…

It has nothing to do with how much of your glans is covered by your foreskin…

See Ya,


If I had, it was when I was born.

But I dont remember of course.

I have nobody to ask.

I dont see signs of operation.

THere is a way to prove it?


Angel - most of the time men who have been circumcised will have a scar. It usually appears as a dark ring around the penis or as a change in color on the shaft with some “rough” tissue at the change point. Here is a web site showing different types of circumcision scars (also explore the rest of the site for circumcision information).

Did you ever find out whether you were cut or not?

Peace to all


From what I read, it sounds like you were cut.

You had little to no coverage of the glans prior to PE, but since starting you have some foreskin. Yes?

You can be cut and still have your frenulum (god I wish I had mine).

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