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Can he be telling the truth


Can he be telling the truth

I seen an old friend I used to work with at ups, and switch numbers and all that so he called me trying to get together and chill hitting a club or whatever with some females. But we end up talking for about an hour or so. I remember when we was working together he mention on a couple of occasion he used a pump and had some permanent gains

So I ask him about it again and he reconfirmed it. So I told him about extenders and what they supposed to do and how they work. He was like he didn’t know about extender hinting that they wouldn’t be worth trying, not believing that they couldn’t work.

My thing is if he really got gains from a pump, he should be a believer in extenders or PE at least. I’m starting to think he didn’t gain from a pump if he don’t think extenders can’t work at all. Look like a person would be more open mined if you have had some success in this area. Just my thinking anybody else.


Are you asking us to read his mind for you? :)

Why does it matter to you if he believes in extenders working or not? Its his dick, let him worry about it.

Originally Posted by Sultan

Why does it matter to you if he believes in extenders working or not? Its his dick, let him worry about it.


I think some people get very fixated on one device or another, especially if it has worked for them in the past. Hang around these forums long enough and you’ll see that the best way to approach this is to keep a very open mind. A device you didn’t think would work for you might be just the one that gets you the biggest gains.

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It’s about the tenth thread you open with the same subject.

Starts to get annoying….

It takes time and devotion.

The tenth? You optimist my friend.

All I was asking if he gained from a pump, look like a person would be more optimist about other devices or at least PE. One would think.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Next extender thread you open herewego gets you a two week vacation.

It’s a little much just for some information. Plus this is not just for extenders. Read it carefully.

Very suspicious behaviour, I agree. Best to keep an eye on this cretin.

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Utterly useless question.

I love my life

he just REALLY wants to be sure that PE is real.

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