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Burning sensation

Burning sensation

When I jelq (wet), I’ve been feeling something of a burning sensation on the underside of my penis. It feels like it’s on the skin/surface, but after the session the skin doesn’t appear to be irritated or whatever. I took three days off after the second time it happened, then jelqed again today and felt the same sensation. It goes away fairly quickly after my workout.

So I guess I’m just wondering if this is normal. Does it have something to do with my skin stretching? I thought maybe I was overdoing it with the jelqing, but I’ve had no red spots and my penis feels full and engorged after most sessions. As always, any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Wait is it burning or just like a dull gradual pain from skin stretching? Does jelqing get worse as you go on or does it start off painful?

Originally Posted by RandomGiant
Wait is it burning or just like a dull gradual pain from skin stretching? Does jelqing get worse as you go on or does it start off painful?

It feels more like a burning sensation than dull pain RandomGiant. It’s not terrible, but it’s certainly noticeable. I do notice that it starts to fade away during the second half of my jelqing session. So you think it’s skin stretching?

Are you doing warm raps (Warm Towel, etc),
I found I wasn’t doing enough - Now do three hot towel warm raps before I start stretches.

Also found changing my lubricant helped, was using KY but it didn’t give me the consistency I required,
Have found Vaseline much better

Once I have been through my routine finishing of course with a warm rap
I have found putting on Bepanthen cream really soothes any skin irritations.

Thanks Neville. I’m currently using a water-based Jergens skin lotion. So could water-based lubricants be the problem? For heat I use a heating dish that I place a few feet in front of me. Again, I don’t feel any burning in between sessions. It’s there while I wet jelq, especially during the first half or so of my session.

Thunder, you’re the man. It must have been the lotion. I decided to go with the consensus favorite lube and buy some Vaseline today. My jelqing session was great and I felt absolutely no burning sensation for the first time in my last three workouts. I had initially been hesitant to use Vaseline because it’s a bit of a pain to clean up. However, it’s well worth the inconvenience.


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