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Anyone else get this burning sensation after doing jelqs

Anyone else get this burning sensation after doing jelqs

I did about 20 jelqs the other day just to warm up my dick for when I do full PE exercises. It was about 50-60% erect and it didnt hurt doing the jelqs. The next day though I would have this burning sensation in my dick after id take a leak or ejaculate. It would burn and make me feel like I had to take a piss when I really didnt. Is that normal when doing PE? I hope I don’t get that feeling everytime I do it.

No, it is not normal. If you were using a lube, what were you using?

I had the same problem a few years ago.It sounds like you’re putting too much stress on your urethra.

Firstly did you warm up before your warmup jelqs? It’s important to warm up for 5-10mins before hand with a facewasher and hot water.You get far more heat penetration with this method.The heat warms up the the tissue inside the penis making it more pliable and less prone to injury.

Secondly, check your jelq technique and make sure that you’re not putting too much pressure on your urethra, on the underside of your penis.

To wrap things up, don’t forget to warm down for another 5-10 minutes,gradually bringing the heat down to room temp,thus letting your penis adjust.

PS: as Slack suggested you might also have picked up an infection. If symptoms persist, see your doctor or similar health/medical professional.

You do not have a problem just do not masterbate after a session because sometimes the bladder will have discomforting affects with your prostate. It will happen now and again, when it does dip your penis in a cold cup of water and the discomfort will disappear.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo

Alright thanks. I doubt I have an infection as it’s gone now, I think I just happened to put to much pressure on the urethra as one_eyed_beast said. I didnt warm up with warm water this time, I will on the next.

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