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Bump on my shaft.

Bump on my shaft.

I am really don’t consider myself a newbie but I haven’t really posted much so I think this is the only place I can post this. I have been PEing for a while on and off and always go about it safely. About two weeks ago, I found a hard bump on the left side of my shaft just below the glands under the skin. I definitely don’t think it’s just an ingrown follicle either. It is hard to find when I am flaccid but when I’m hard, it is easy. It doesn’t hurt at all but I am concerned. I’ve read other things on the internet about guys with similar things and that it comes from rough masturbation. It feels like a bb and kind seems like it can be moved around. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Could be a thrombosed vein — most girth exercises can cause these and they will resolve on their own with some time off. Could also be unrelated to PE in which case it could be a cyst or a genital wart (the description doesn’t really sound like a wart though). I would take a week off and see if it resolves. If it does, then it was probably just a thrombosed vein. If it doesn’t, then go to your doctor. If it’s either a cyst or wart it can be removed. It’s probably nothing to get too worried about.

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Thanks so much. It feels like it’s part of a vein too. I havet PEed since and hopefully it goes away. I appreciate the response tho!

Whilst it is probably nothing serious, don’t delay in going to the doctor if there is no improvement (even think about just going straight away). Don’t PE in the meantime in case that is aggravating whatever the bump is.

Good luck.:)

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