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Bump On Underside of Shaft! Help!


Bump On Underside of Shaft! Help!

What the hell is this? Could it have been caused from dry jelqing? How can I get rid of it? :(

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i got something just like that. It appeared days after I began to jelq, and looks worse after jelqing.

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Does it hurt? Could be an ingrown hair.

Yes, it’s painful. What’s the best way to get rid of an ingrown hair? I know shaving against the hairs is bad for it.

What’s the quickest way to get rid of this? :(

Oh my GOD it’s VD, You’re gonna die!

Seriously, looks like an ingrown hair or impacted hair follicle. The fact that it is painful is actually a good sign. Let you know it’s an ingrown. You can either be brave and pick it out with a CLEAN sharp needle, or suffer for a few days or longer.

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I have and had them since I started shaving my shaft. They are ingrown hair follicles. Shaving and then adding lubricants and stir it all up with a strong grip and vu-a-la you get hairs that bury their ends into the wall of the follicle that they grow out of it and as the hair continues to grow it irritates the skin causing an inflammatory reaction that you now see.

I stole a tip from a women’s magazine (one of my wife’s). Use a loofa with soap. Use circular motions. Do not rake it raw. When they get as firm as yours appear, it will take some time to get them to resolve. Keep them clean. Consider using a moisturizer that does not plug pores like

Good luck.

I have a couple bumps like that which started out as small red dots from clamping. Mine are permanent, and I have since quit PE, because all it brought me was the beginning of E.D., those bumps, and my glans doesn’t expand like it used to. Ok, maybe I gained about 1/2 an inch, but it sure as hell wasn’t worth it. Now I’m back to kegels and a very mild streching routine, and the E.D. Is going away. Sorry for the hijacking, I’m not allowed to post new threads, otherwise I would have started one.

I think it looks the same that I had a couple of weeks ago. It was also on the underside of the shaft.

So I went to the doctor and I had to use Zetavlex moisture and after 3-4 days it was gone.

Hey W.B.H. how is the clamping going? You haven’t posted in your progress thread in a while.

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The search NO longer continues. :)

I have another one! Does anyone know what the heck to do I have a scar from this one in the original picture! I don’t want another scar honestly. What do you guys reccomend I really can’t deal with this it completely stops my PE!

Another Blister / Ingrown Hair Thing & First Blister Scar, Advice Needed

I have been PE’ing off and on for about 4-5 years and I have done it all pumping, clamping, jelqing, PJ’ing, you name it, I’ve probably done it. Now my question is that I have had these blister / ingrown hair type of things in the past. And they have always started off as a tiny little red bump, and then I pop it, and it gets worse. And then I continue jelqing, gets worse and worse everytime I do. I’ll stop PE’ing it will still be there, etc. I just don’t know what else to do about this it’s really getting old. I got some “Tend Skin” offline that seems to really help with removing ingrown hairs, etc.

Here are some pictures but as you can see I have some battle wounds from PE that I would do ANYTHING literally to get these removed. I have even thought about seeing a dermatologist and just saying they’re scars from shaving. I haven’t been able to get a blowjob with the lights on in I can’t remember how long.

My girlfriend has even made comments like “I think you have been with too many girls and your thing is beat up.” Of course she was joking but I know exactly what she’s referring to. :(

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Here are a couple more pics of the scars and the new blister:

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I have had a few ingrown hairs in the past and popped them as well with the same results (but they healed eventually).

I think that the popping of them causes more damage to the surrounding tissue then the actual ingrown hair itself as the skin is especially sensitive. Applying a good antibacterial cream afterwards may help healing.

I have made my own PE oil from various suggestions on the site and don’t use a razor, just a trimmer to remove the hairs and it seems to have resolved the issue as I don’t have the ingrown hairs appear anymore and my penis has completely healed.

Still there and seems to be getting worse and worse… Any other suggestions?

W.B.H. there is only one way to address issues like this: go and see your doctor! Trust me on this, I’ve had my unit examined by both male and female doctors over the past 2 years and they are all very sensitive, discreet and very matter of fact, as there is nothing they haven’t seen before. You need a proper medical diagnosis, not the opinions of forum members, well meaning as they are. With a doctor you will either get the assurance that there is nothing serious going on, or alternatively, good treatment options and any necessary specialist referrals. Just do it!

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