Breaking thru a plateau

Hitting plateau’s sucks! Makes you think you may never reach your goal. I have broken thru two that have lasted over three months each.

Just before reaching 1” EL gain I hit one. It was annoying and depressing to think ‘that’s it… no more gains’ but one evening I stayed in and methodically worked thru approximately an hour long session starting with a shower. My dick was sore indeed but I continued and my dick looked long, thick and red between my legs. Afterwards I jerked off with aloe (which stung a little) but felt amazingly good. I was sore for the entire week but still did much shorter routines to keep the stretch.

Two weeks later I broke thru! That doesn’t mean that one session resulted in gains… rather months of PE PLUS that marathon session resulted in gains AND breaking thru a plateau.

I hit another plateau just before reaching 7”. How annoying! I wanted 7 badly! So I did the same thing. Seeing your dick reach just below the 7” line for several months did motivate me to keep trying tho… but I had to do another marathon session. Finally, I broke thru and was over 7” for the first time.

Last week I hit 7-1/8” BPEL. Repeat measurements confirmed this result and I am on my way to 7-1/4”!

Wherever you are with your measurements don’t give up! Choose shorter goals (like ¼” at a time) and work towards them diligently. After two years I am not sure dicks ever stop stretching and growing but they do slow down after a while and results become less and less.

Looking back on these past two years puts a smile on my face and on my wife’s! I’m glad I started a routine consisting of 10 second pulls to the left, right and straight out. Now three or four days a week a 10 to 15 minute routine has become part of my day.

Enjoy your PE routines and don’t give up. Keep things consistent and stay motivated. As time goes by you will see the results add up!


Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...