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Breaking the plateau

Breaking the plateau

I’ve been stuck at a plateau for 3 months. I’ve been doing PE for about 8 months using a combination of Jelq, squeeze and hanging. Prior to hitting this wall I have had great gains in length and girth. I am in need of some insight here. How do I get past this wall? Who has dealt with and ovecome……. the plateau?

Well I’ve never had a plateau but this is my suggestion.

Take a month break and let everything heal for now, if something came out of the sky squeezed you till your blood flows to the top of your head, Im sure you would want a break…

The other thing that you could try is a Shock Routine. Here is the link to the post for more info……p?threadid=2949

Break, shock, then resume a normalized routine.

Remember that the body always tries to find equilibrium. It attempts to adapt to stimulation patterns (like weight-lifting exercises or taking drugs) by downtoning the body’s response. A good break then a shocker will reawaken the growth response of your body.

Thanks guys. I had the same feeling that a break may help me achieve what I need, I just needed a little encouragement. It’s tough though. PE for me is very addicting, so stopping is going to be a challenge. Never in my life did I think that PE was possible. Even after 8 months I still look forward to every minute I can devote to PE. I can’t wait to reach my goals :)

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