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Breaking it down

Breaking it down

Hey guys

I only just discovered this site the other day and I’ve read with interest.

I’m thinking of starting the Newbie Programme.
However there are three main points I’m unsure about.

First of all, I’m worried about the injuries and problems I could get. Personally I’d rather play safe and stick with the size I’ve got than screw by dick up. Anyone got any points on this or had any injuries??

Secondly, I find it quite hard to spare say 20 minutes in one go in the day.. It’d be a lot easier to break it down into 3 or 4 sessions through out the day - is this possible?

Finally, does it really work?? What sort of results am I looking at?

Cheers for your advice

1 Follow the guidelines to every technique and any recommended amount of repetitions or time.

2 Yes it is possible but why won’t you PE while watching TV or surfing the net?

3 Absolutely, read a lot here to proof it to yourself. It is really hard to calculate the results you’re getting. Most newbies report stronger erections as their first indication PE works.

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