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Brand new and motivated

Brand new and motivated

Well I just discovered PE about a week ago and decided to give it a shot. I’m really motivated by others sharing their success stories. I started about 5 days ago wearing an extender from size genetics about 4-6 hours a day and jelqing for 100 strokes. I’m learning quite a bit as I read and after my day of rest I will increase the number of jelq strokes to 200. I took yesterday off because my little guy was sore. I’m excited to start back up tomorrow. I am learning about warming up and all the different exercises. I joined Matters of size as well as this site.

Here are my starting stats:

Flaccid Girth: 4”
Flaccid Length: 4”
EG: 4.75” (this seems to vary from 4.5 to 5, so I’m taking the middle)
BPEL: ? I think 7” but will have to double check.

I appreciate any advice. I also ordered a bib hanger and I’m looking forward to adding weights to my routine.

Goal: 8” x 6” (non bone pressed). Must grow.must grow.must grow.


Welcome to the forum.

Throwing money at this won’t help. I’d avoid using the ADS device and the Bib hanger when you get it. Start with the Newbie routine and carry on reading. If you find gains slowing then look at your ADS and your Bib hanger, if you think they offer the best solution.

Your goals seem reasonable. Expect to be doing this stuff for a year or two.

EG should be measured in the middle of your shaft.

I have the fastsize and I hate it. I wished I hadn’t thrown so much money at this to. The Bib or redi might be the most expensive thing you might buy. The fastsize only gave me ED and no PE.

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