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Staying motivated, Knowing when to change.

Staying motivated, Knowing when to change.

Hey guys,
Ok so I’ve been going solid on my program for about 5 weeks, I started to have some slight twinges of pain when manual stretching at all angles so I’ve switched back to just stretching straight out and I’m alot more gentle. I’ve managed a few small gains but nothing to write home about, 6.9 BPEL (I use metric so .9 is 9 clicks over 6inches on the ruler) and 4.8 Girth , IT’s prob only a few clicks either way in growth but growth none the less :)
My Problem is I jump on here every day and search for new info, I’m not trying to rush ahead or anything because I know the value of taking it slow and cementing gains, I guess the problem is I recently broke up with my girl. She was a real honey and it’s kinda doing my head in cause I was her first, so now I’m all worried about the next dude she’s with being bigger than me and I’m also worried about trying to be bigger for my next girlfriend who will have had other partners.. So to cut along story short I’m feeling under alot of pressure. When would you say it’s best to change and is there anything I’m not doing in my newbie routine that I could be doing , I mean anything like squeezes throughout the day or anything,
My routine,
Massage and warm up under hot shower spray.
10 X 40 second stretches straight out in front,
250 slow slow 3second jelqs at about 50 percent erect.
50 kegels holding for 5secs each.
Warm down in a hot cup of water.
If you guys could give me any pointers I’d be most greatful!
I.e. About the routine or about life :)

Take care,

Nearly forgot.

3 days on 1 off.

Change your routine every month so your dick doesn’t adapt to the pressure.

Hey RiccR,

Try doing your jelqs a bit more erect. 75% erect will give you a good pump and boost your girth a bit. And do not change your routine every month unless you have stopped gaining. If you continue to gain, continue to do the same routine.


Originally Posted by wohoo19m

Change your routine every month so your dick doesn’t adapt to the pressure.

Curious wohoo… have you been changing your routine around every month since ‘03? Or is this a thought that you had later in your PE career, and if so, at what point did you start changing it up monthly?

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And how do you know that the routine you change to is going to work as good as the routine you were just using?



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