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boxing handwraps for wrapping?

boxing handwraps for wrapping?

could do?

without the glove on it..

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

As I do not yet have an ACE wrap or Thera Wristwrap, I think I will give this a try tonight.

It sounds like a pretty good idea. You can even stick your dick through the thumb loop to hold the wrap in place.

I already own the boxing wraps so I don’t even have to invest anything to try. I’ll report back soon.

This worked pretty well. Since the boxing wraps are extremely long I cut mine down to about a yard in length.

Even though this worked for me I can’t really recommend it as an ACE wrap is much cheaper than a pair of good boxing wraps. I just had them around the house so I gave it a try.


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