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Boxers Vs Briefs

Boxers Vs Briefs

I’ve always heard the myth about the difference between the 2, is there really an advantage to wearing the boxers? I couldn’t wear them before, my cock always seemed to stick to my leg and was constantly having to “adjust” myself in public. But I have been wearing a 1 size larger cock ring for 3 days now,with my balls and cock through it, and have worn boxers the last days, and haven’t had the problem, plus my bulge is a lot bigger! Do any of you guys believe briefs limit your size?

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Perhaps flaccid hang ONLY.

I always wear boxer-briefs.

They look like those spandex bicycle thingies, that way…

I have the best of both worlds. :)

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Indeed.. Boxer-Briefs are the way to go. As an additional benefit, in a recent poll I took with my ‘girl’ friends, they prefer them too.. Believing them to be more sexy. The only reason I still wear boxers some of the time is because they actually have funny designs on them that girls also fine to be funny and a good change. For ex. I have a pair of pink boxers that have pickles all over them that say “nice pickle!’ All of my lady friends absolutely love them and have been plotting to steal them from me, why since they have no ‘pickle’, I have no clue.

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Briefs is so 80s lol

I love boxers. Wearing some now…

Boxer-briefs or boxers for the art work. Briefs can do bad things to your sperm count as well.

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My personal preference is wearing boxers just to keep the package loose. Perhaps your boxers are too small if they’re sticking to your leg?

Boxer wearer for life. Although SSI and luka are making a good case for boxer-briefs. :-k


When I have monty530 weights on, which is most of the time, it’s just me and my sweats/jeans/shorts.

When I need to wear underwear, it’s silk boxers.

Boxers. Boxer-briefs when I am working out or playing sports. Silk boxers give me semi all day. It’s just so damn smooth and nice feeling.


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