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boxers or briefs:

boxers or briefs:

Hello everyone, this is my first post.
If the idea of growth is stetching, pulling, etc., then if you’re wearing briefs which make for a tight package, and alot of contraction and heat, would’nt this defeat the purpose? You’re talking maybe 16 hours a day all cropped up. Shouldn’t we stay loose. I know my groin feels like a furnace sometimes, and there’s so much pressure from clothes that it actually hurts. Any thoughts on this from the board.

this is a great board which gives amazing dignity to a subject which involves the essense of our manhood.


go without if possible

In my experience, I have found that “freeballing” (going without briefs or boxers) contributed greatly to my maintaining a much more consistent larger flaccid state. When I wear briefs, I find just the opposite is true. Boxers or loose boxer briefs are better than jockey type briefs. So, whenever possible and appropriate, I would recommend leaving the underwear off.


to underwear or not to underwear....

I’m not wearing any, and never do… ;)

Before PE I wore briefs then switched to boxers to train my penis and testicles to hang better. Then a girl gave me boxer-briefs. They were much more comfortable than boxers and I really liked them. However, I then realized that they still sort of scrunched up my penis, but they were so much more comfortable than boxers. Then I found the perfect boxers. At the store “The Gap” they have 100% cotton boxers and I got the next size up from me normally. Wow they are totally comfortable and just like without. I don’t really want to go without because my penis gets sore rubbing against the jeans etc. And besides, like the old saying goes, “no matter how much you shake and dance the last few drops go down your pants.”


Originally posted by Dance
I don't really want to go without because my penis gets sore rubbing against the jeans etc. And besides, like the old saying goes, “no matter how much you shake and dance the last few drops go down your pants.”


Precisely the reason why I don’t freeball. Boxers for me, thank you.


I never considered that briefs could be bad for growth. And to think, Ive always worn them all my life. Thx for the insight.

Referring to the origional post, I dont think that the heat would be such a bad thing because it would promote better circulation. On the other hand, the constriction would negate any benefits of circulation from the heat. Maybe this makes boxers/briefs a neutral issue overall. Im going to make the switch and see if it makes a diff. To Wallmart I go.

Well the heat of having the testicles too close to the body does reduce the sperm count. Doctors will tell the man who is trying to get his wife pregnant to switch to boxers I believe.

A few other comments. First of all if you are working out especially squats etc., I think you should at least wear boxer briefs of briefs. You need to keep the testicles close and protected.

Finally, and I know you guys will think this is silly but I am dead serious. If you are any kind of a martial artist, and you are wearing boxers, and thinking about doing some high kicks you better be damn careful or reconsider. If you wear boxers that are not oversized it can pinch and hurt real bad, no bull shit.


drops of what?

but I know exactly what you’re talking about with the kick thing dance ;)


speak for yourself!!

I have never had ‘drops of pee’ running down my leg.
I force out every last drop, then milk any remainder out, totally dry.

Maybe you should adopt this method instead of soiling yourself! ;)

Let me guess, are you a shaker? Piss everywhere! lol



I don’t do it all the time, just when I feel like it. But freeballing it, it seems to me, probably desensitizes the head just a bit over time. I’ve never had an abrasion from trousers or jeans, or discomfort. And maybe this slight desisitization adds a little time to staying power during sex.

I can’t see how it could hurt anything.

Re: Peeing. The “drop in the pants” part usually comes because we men are in such a hurry to get peeing over with.



Desensitization is no problem when you’re uncircumcised…

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