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Best Routine for a Student with no Privacy

Best Routine for a Student with no Privacy

I am not new to PE, infact I did some exercises last year december I stopped because am a student and my school resumed.

Thats where the problem lies, I am forth year student in the university, and I live in the general hostel where there is no privacy at all, in the room I live with more than 3 other roomates, the only time am alone is when am in the bathroom, I can jelq and stretch alone, but the problem is, I can’t warm up or down.

I would like to know how I can adjust my routine to this constraint. I also want to ask if I can jelq without warming up or down. Or doing stretching alone without warming is good. With my busy time schedule and privacy issues. I think I can stretch alone without warming for 6 months is this good for me, can I gain with this, won’t it affect my gains when I want to PE fully?

I would want responses from everybody, and I would like everybody to share their mind on what I can do. Thanks

To be brutally honest I never really started warming until just recently and I have gained back then. There has been so much preaching about how heat throughout a PE routine can really help you grow and I am really getting serious as a heart attack with my PE and that has been part of my routine as of now. Warming up prevents injury which I never sustain to myself. I will tell you for a fact PE can be done without warming up and down but you have take things slower and gentler in the beginning of your PE routine. Use caution, pay attention to your penis and good luck. :-)

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Can you buy a heating pad and use it in the bathroom ? I’m assuming there is a power plug in the bathroom.

Use a hot washcloth when you are in the bathroom and warm that way. Then do your stretches.

Thank you very much for those awesome replies. But I live in a developing country where I have to fetch water outside in a bucket and take it into the bathroom. There is no socket in the bathroom, and moreover electricity isn’t constant. To warm water I will need to use stove or other methods which takes a lot of time.

Have you got access to a microwave? If so, a rice sock might work.

If your country is hot enough, maybe just some hand sized rocks from outside that have caught the heat wrapped in some cloth would work.

If you live in a hot you might find your penis tissue is constantly in a fairly relaxed state and this helps and so you could potentially warm up by massaging the penis.

As to the routine. Without a formal warmup be extra careful, take extra time to slope upward in intensity in the routine. If you can use lube, consider Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine or maybe even Linear Newbie Routine. If you can’t use lube, consider this routine but if you aren’t heating up properly, take more like 20 minutes over it and add massaging before the stretches and before the jelqing section.

If you want something a little simple, a guy called RB, used to do a routine that consisted of taking 5 minutes several times a day and just dry jelqing in a toilet cubicle or wherever. I believe he used the C-grip almost exclusively (he originated it) and it’s a good safe grip to use in this situation. Spreading say 3-4 sessions through the day may also help, it seems some people gain well from split sessions. If going this route, of course be very careful as you get used to your routine and try to ramp up the stress slowly, it’s very easy to go overboard but also you need a fair amount of force to make a difference.

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Last thing that I can think of is to simply stuff it down between your legs and absorb more body heat that way. As Mem mentions, if the climate is fairly warm, the addition of your body heat itself might do the trick. It would be better than nothing, and could be done while lying in bed (assuming you then go into the bathroom and PE).

Best of luck with it. I’d say persevere, don’t lose your mind about it, and weigh out how much you want to risk getting caught. Hopefully you won’t be in school your whole life.

Honestly I do stealth PE and just use the shower for it, u have a nice warm up and warm down and you can easily do PE in peace. Do you have access to that?

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Super lazy and inconsistent :(

Do your stretches in bed, as memento said do some dry jelqs when you can (a longer session in the shower) .

Thank you very much for you helpful and concise replies. I want to study my roomates and my work schedule for a week to know the best time I can PE convieniently, I would get back to you with what I discover also with my starting measurements too.

Yeah, if you can warm up under the covers, doing BTC stretching while you are lying on your side would be a great covert PE routine.

I rarely do a warm up/down and have gained over an inch in length and girth. Among other routines, I stretch and jelq every night under the covers for thirty minutes at night next to my wife. However, I do most of the jelqing after she falls asleep.

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Fowfer to warm up in bed using own body heat. Then do stretches in bed and finish maybe with some edging if you can.

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