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Best method for all

Best method for all

Hi All,

I am a newbie only been going through the newbie routine for about 2 weeks, and enjoying it actually look forward to session because I know they all mount up to something with consistency, I will stick to the newbie routine for as long as I have to.

I have been viewing and researching more exercises and different things to do once I am not a newbie anymore and need to alter my sessions, but I am going to throw something into the mixing pot because I have read an awful lot that people need to try different things to find what is best and right for you, some people gain doing some things and some people gain doing other. When it comes to body transformation in this way but I am relating it to bodybuilding too here I am a firm believer that there is a set of principles you can stick to, to get gains and that the body physiologically is built in the same way, such as a surgeon is able to operate with success as they know how the body works etc and the same is for all, so I am basically saying that surely there is basic principles that if you stick to you will get the best gains than keep trying different things until something works for you. Just my opinion.

Any thoughts anyone or am I being naive.


No replies?

Hi Gladrags,

I intend sticking to the Newbie Routine and see how it goes. Consistency seems to me to be the way to go, as you say like a bodybuilding workout. I look forward to my sessions, and if overall length isn’t achieved, I do feel that we’ll all end up with healthier dicks. I have better ejaculations even now, I think the kegels particularly have something to do with this. So, yes stick with it. Shall we compare notes from time to time?

All the best.

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