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Best Lube for Jelqing?


Best Lube for Jelqing?

Has anyone used KY Warming lube for jelqing? Just wondering if the active ingredient (what makes it warm) is safe to use long term or if it is beneficial for jelqing? Anyone have any lube suggestions or favorite brand?

My favorite lube for jelqing is coconut oil. No questions about whether it harms the skin or not.

Where can I buy coconut oil and does it have a strong smell? Does it clean up easily?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil….cheap as well

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Most any decent grocery store and I’ve even seen it at Walmart. It usually is in a jar so you’ll want to transfer to a squeeze bottle that’s easier to handle. It’s a white solid when room temperature but run the bottle under hot tap water and presto you have warm coconut oil that’s very healthy for your skin.

Thanks Lemec sounds awesome! Natural is usually the way to go and this stuff sounds great. I just googled it and it looks like it has many excellent health qualities as well.

I like cocoa butter. Its all personal choice but I never seemed to get the benefits of the exercise when using lubes for sex for some reason.

I don’t like my experiences with the water-based skin lotions like Jergens. They actually gave my dick a burning sensation on the skin after a while, and ThunderSS pointed out that it was likely due to the alcohol these lotions contain. I switched to Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) and everything has been hunky dory since. I’ve never used coconut, olive, or any other oils.

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I use baby oil for its good smelling & ability to hydrate fragile penis skin.

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I use baby oil as well, wife likes the feel of the skin.

I have used KY warming gel, I found it gave me a burning sensation, had to clean it off immediately (bad News).

I’ve often wondered about coconut oil, what’s the after feeling like?

In my opinion the best is stuff called Wet platinum, it comes in a black plastic bottle and is made by the popular lube makers Wet. This stuff lasts for ages. I bought this bottle last year in December and it’s still going.

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Extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and cold pressed flax oil.

This is not opinion, this is FACT. These are the BEST. Period.

Your dick is made up of many of the same things that are in these oils. They are slippery, vaso-protective, skin supple-izing super jelq oils which cannot be beaten. Everything else, as much as it “works” or “feels good” or whatever, can never compete with these. Loaded with Omega-3’s, Omega-6’s and tons of other good shit.

Extra virgin olive oil make sure you buy it in a can or in a dark bottle so that it is not “light struck” which breaks the monounsaturated “carbon tails” and causes some amount of degradation in the oil. This can be bought at the grocery store.

The other ones follow this same reccomendation and can be purchased at any decent health food store.

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I like baby lotion combined with baby oil,good for the skin and has a neutral pH,so no burning or irritating smells.

I just came across this thread earlier today. I don’t know much about it yet but another member recommended it to me. I think the context of the thread in question is how to cure thrombosed veins but again, it was recommended to me for use during a jelqing session.

Eroset’s Vein Oil

Supposedly, any lotion or lube that contains Vitamin E would be good and beneficial.

Personally, I am using a lotion with Vitamin E, and it’s worked well for me, I think.

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