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Best Lube for Jelqing?


Hell, I’m cheap, I just use spit.

I always found olive oil to be the best. Doesn’t dry out, easy to clean up, and just the right consistency for jelking.

Plus it’s WAY cheaper than using lube.

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I’ve been using this stuff called Wet Stuff Gold from Australia. It warms up, is pretty cheap, comes in a big bottle, last long and cleans up very easily, which is a huge bonus. I like the Olive Oil too and it’s pretty cheap and can be used for other purposes :) but it doesn’t clean up as easy as a water based lube. Matter of personal preference really.

And General_Ramzah: that is pretty cheap :) ouch

Jojoba is my favourite, although I also use coconut.

Originally Posted by Neville
I have used KY warming gel, I found it gave me a burning sensation, had to clean it off immediately (bad News).

I too have used KY warming gel. I was getting a hand job with it a couple of weeks ago. I then went to have sex with my girlfriend and it was on of the worst feelings ever. Burned like hell.


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