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Being without ejaculations.

Being without ejaculations.

Problem is that I can be without sex and masturbation for a while, but it feels like my body does not accept it.

Last time I ejaculated, was 4 days ago and today I started to have this massive pain in my right ball that strikes to lower parts of stomach.

I have had this many many times before and the only thing that has made the pain go away, is when I ejaculate. And if I masturbate in this painful state, my penis feels really “heavy” and it’s not even fully hard.

Is it like, the sperm has no free space anymore ?

Because when I don’t do it, the sperm starts to push himself out in every opportunity, like when I urinate, some of it also drips out.

I have always had a high sex drive, but this week has been really busy, so no time for sexual activities.

I have read other forums too where people have had the same problem, but no one really gave the precise answer for whats going on with the body in this state?

Something isn’t right and you ought to have it checked out. Your body is designed to go for long periods of time between ejaculations - not the best policy I ever heard of - but the signal to have sex should certainly not be pain. Look into varicoceles and epididymitis and see if your symtoms are similar. Any competant urologist can diagnose these conditions and they are fixable.



I agree something isn’t right I know when I don’t jack for a while, my erections get harder like I’m about to pop and more often not the other way around. Also you shouldn’t just leak semen (you said sperm but is it really sperm or the pre cum semen?) when you urinate. I’d get it checked out, and since there is pain hell it’s the smart thing to do.

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Well, I do leak semen when I wait to long, and if I don’t ejaculate in a few days time I may bloat a bit, but no pain. I have a high sex drive like yourself and am now curious if it is a problem myself. Please come back and tell us what happens as I am interested myself.

Originally Posted by Damnwork
Also you shouldn’t just leak semen (you said sperm but is it really sperm or the pre cum semen?) when you urinate.

Happens sometimes. Nothing wrong with this as urine has a chemical in it that destroys semen. The pain is the only worry. The lower stomach is a place where you can get immense pleasure during an orgasm, there should be no pain.

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