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weak ejaculations

weak ejaculations

Hi, great forum. I did a (quick) search on this and turned up nothing.

I started PEing about 3 weeks ago. The past few times I’ve masturbated, I notice that my ejaculation is very weak. It just dribbles out. Normally I have to close my eyes and mouth for safety in you know what I’m saying. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

Take some time away from whipping the elves every day and do 100 kegels or so. Add on 50 a week until you get to 500 daily, and then you can start doing sets of 50 kegels followed by 5 thirty second kegel squeezes. If you’re feeling real plucky you can do weighted kegels.

Or just lay off the porn for a couple weeks. Your choice. ;)

A loss of power that noticable may also indicate the onset of diabetes. This is one that I know for certain is true, being diabetic and all. I found out when I was 16, and thought I was going to be the next Peter North, if you know what I mean, until it just stopped. It was like I kinked my dick like a garden hose.

If all other things are equal (number of times you punch the clown, water intake, diet) then it really wouldn’t hurt to check it out. The best way to tell if you have diabetes is that you will start urinating all the time, like every 30 minutes. Also, if you are always tired a half hour to an hour after meals.

I would look to PE as the culprit initially, but go to the doctor for a checkup if you’re worried.

Thanks for the input. ‘Problem’ seems to have gone away for now. I will watch for signs of diabetes. Also I will start doing kegels more. I have been cheating and not doing as many kegels as I should.


What type diabetes?

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

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