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Being uncut and stretching

Being uncut and stretching

Hey guys,

Any uncuts here have any tips on how to grip while stretching? I read somewhere that it’s not good/possibly dangerous to pull on the glans, but that is the only way I am able to feel the stretch at the base of my penis. If I try to grab beneath the glans, I just end up pulling the foreskin over the glans and stretching the skin.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

I have always pulled the skin back and gripped right behind the glans to stretch.. Never had any problem.

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Keep at it. I had the same problems at the beginning and finally found a grip that works. You want to press on the sides of the shaft right behind the glans. You will still get more minor skin pull but once you figure it out it wont be to much at all. Again it just takes some practice.

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I am in the same situation at the moment, I can only maintain my grip for 10-15 seconds before I start slipping. I just re-grip after each 10-15 seconds so essentially each 30 second stretch becomes 2 15 second stretches or 3 10 second stretches.

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Thanks, some good tips in here. Will try this for my next session!

Pull the skin back, tear a small piece of toilet paper and use it to grip just below the glans. Once you have a firm grip in place you and release the skin. Never been a problem for me using that technique.

If you are sitting, try standing up… I found that the same grip (OK-palm down) would slip while sitting, but ever since I started standing, I’ve never had a problem. I just pull the skin back a bit, just enough so it’s not a skin stretch, get a good grip and then go. For clarification, I don’t pull the skin behind the glands, just far enough back that the skin isn’t getting the stretch. Try a few different grips and you’ll find one that works…

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