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Uncut manual stretching

Uncut manual stretching


I was wondering how uncut guys are supposed to grip the penis for manual stretching exercises? It seems to me that the only way to really get a good grip is to retract the foreskin and grab the head of the penis, but I was under the impression that directly grabbing the head was considered dangerous? Am I wrong about this?

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OK, thanks, will do.

Well I searched and it seems as though you can do it both ways (either keeping the foreskin over the head or retracting it). From what I gather, most people retract the foreskin because doing it that way ensures that you are stretching the inner penis and not just the outer skin. It seems that it is recommended to grip a little above the head and not directly on the head. I know that there are delicate nerves that run along the top of the penis (and this is why noose type hangers are considered dangerous), so I’m going to assume that you should try to avoid putting to much pressure on the top of the penis (12 O’clock position) near the head, when you grip it. If there are any other safety considerations I have overlooked I’d be very grateful if someone would point them out.

I’m still not 100% sure whether it is safe to pull directly on the head?

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Using a square of toilet paper to aid grip allows you to get a much better grip without using as much pressure.

If you use the thumb and first finger ‘circle’ on the shaft of the penis a bit below the glans to apply most of the grip, you avoid too much direct pulling on the head, but the head (glans) can be gently gripped by the palm so that the grip is spread over the entire glans, giving a better grip but without actually ‘pulling’ directly on the head.

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