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Be fit before clamping?

Be fit before clamping?

Should I start clamping after losing my pubic fat? *To place the clap at the farthest point near the bone*

Originally Posted by reitso
Should I start clamping after losing my pubic fat? *To place the clap at the farthest point near the bone*

It certainly wouldn’t hurt. You should be able to push the clamp down before clicking it secure and get pretty deep.

Make sure you have some decent PE experience under your belt before you start clamping. At least fully complete the newbie routine if you haven’t already.

I am just turning it into a routine cause I never was persistent before.

As suggested, start with a newbie routine first.

In relation to your other question, it is not mandatory to have a low body fat percentage to clamp; however, it does help being in good physical condition imo. More so than any other form of PE (with maybe the exception of long edging sessions) as you need maximum top-quality EQ for effective clamping. Having bad blood-flow to your member will make clamping difficult and a chore.

How to know if I am ready?

Awake & alive

Put in at least 3 months work on the hands-only newbie routine before considering any kind of device.

Newbie will teach you about your penis and how it responds to PE. Newbie will condition your penis.

Do the newbie until you stop getting results. Some people get all the gains they want from the newbie.

I suggest you do the linear newbie. You start out light, and then add more work as your penis gets used to PE.

Linear Newbie Routine

Originally Posted by reitso
How to know if I am ready?

Here are two articles that will guide you throughout your PE career:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!
Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

What Sta said ^^^

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