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Be Aware of Discolouration

question about discoloration. i have slight discoloration on the head of my penis, 3 small bronze/brown spots. nothing major, they dont stand out much. i do not know whether these came from not performing jelqing correctly, or what. they seem like they appeared as a result of aging.

i have not done too much jelqing, usually stopped after a week, so i dont know how much damage i could do in a week. all exercises were done in the shower.

how do i get rid of this discoloration, and why did it happen in the first place.


Welcome to the forum.

Read this thread and pay special attention to the second post by Bib. Bib has mentioned that removing discoloration this way actually removed discoloration that existed prior to starting PE.

By the way, please read the Forum Guidelines, appropriate capitalisation is a prerequisite of posting here.

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My apologies, memento. I thought the basic guidelines were that of most on-line forums (be kind, use good judgement, no offensive material). Thank you for telling me.

No problem. We have the Forum Guidelines link to the side of the post box to give people the opportunity to read them before they hit a Moderator on their first post, but you’d have to have read at least 10 threads in the Newbie Forum to have come across someone else getting asked to read the guidelines.

We have a lot of people here for whom English is a second language, so making a stab at good English helps.

All your assumptions were good too :) People tend not to last too long if they become terribly offensive.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Do people really want their members to have pink baby skin?

I think that a slightly darker penis looks extremely manly and sexy!

when/if I reach my size goal I will try and even out the color by doing some Uli’s on my new member- I think this is what caused my worst discoloration (bronzing). For now I will use the discoloration to help me track growth- the discoloration starts about an inch up my erection so the further that line (it’s very straight) moves from my body the bigger my dick will be :)


Thanks for the heads up Torso, I’ve suffered a little bruising at the base of my shaft(which I’m sure was a result of insufficient warm up) I’m reading, reading,reading to be as fully informed as possible before launching into my newbie routine.

Originally Posted by monteltalk32
Discoloration? They didn’t mention THAT on the website I subscribe to for fact they don’t mention any unsavory side effects. Here’s one for some of you that have gained a lot:

When you gain a few inches, the skin must move with the penis, enlarging as the penis does, but what if it starts lengthening just behind the patch of pubes at the base of the shaft and after gaining three inches of length, you have a circular patch of hair around your dick three inches from the’s that for a bad side effect. Anybody get this? Why not? Seems to make sense..

I’ve always had pubes about 2 inches up the base of my cock- never really thought about it to be honest I just assumed it was natural.

I’m new and I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a couple of days, and when I finish my exercises my penis feels tired and a Lille sour, is this a good thing?

I’m new too as a member but I’ve been doing jelq and hang for three months now, mostly from what I’ve read in this site. I have many red dots on the head of my cock; they are brown and pinhead-sized when flaccid but they become bigger very red when erect, especially after PE. Can anyone please tell me how to treat this? I’ve had this for a month now and it doesn’t look like they and going away, in fact I think they are multiplying. I think this is a case of busted capillaries but I don’t know how to treat it.

Have you tried stopping PE??

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I’ve tired not to do it for a week but I noticed that my cock is somewhat losing it’s gain girth, I guess it’s not permanent yet because I’m still new PEing, so I try to so some PE once in a while but everytime I do it, the spots become red as before.

Try lowering the intensity of your program, in other words use less pressure - be gentler. I would personally stop all PE activity until these injuries have completely disappeared to be safe. Losing a little girth gain is not as bad as having an ugly penis. Hope you get it sorted,


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Things that might help with discoloration

Two things you might want to try:

The darkening color of your skin could be from the skin getting thicker, and a slower exfoliation rate. Since I can’t see most guys scrubbing their wangs enough to actually exfoliate the skin, that could be a good part of the discoloration- especially with something like hanging weights.

1) when you get in the shower, cover your dick with micro-coated aspirin that you’ve crushed (put one or two drops of hot water on it, and then smush- they dissolve, and are slightly gritty). 2 or 3 should do the trick, and something to make the aspirin powder stick- aloe or honey works well in most cases. Rub a bit, and rinse off the end of your shower.

Aspirin is a salicylic acid (slightly different, but functionally the same as the stuff in some acne medication), and it will help slough off the old skin cells. Yes, you might absorb a small amount of it- if you’re genuinely allergic to the stuff, don’t do this, but the amount you absorb through your skin is so trivial it doesn’t matter. I routinely take baths with 40-50 aspirins dissolved in the water, and I’ve checked this carefully with two doctors and a nurse friend of mine.

2) Don’t use a petroleum based lube, or lotion. Lotions actually do bad things to your skin, like slightly break down the acid mantle to force more water into your skin in the short term, but in the long term it does nasty things to skin, especially skin under stress (I.e, growing skin).

My understanding is the best oil for skin-healing purposes that’s cheap is olive oil, due to the high squaline content. If you have some handy, emu oil is also fantastic, as is jojoba, grape seed oil, broccoli oil, apricot kernel oil, and a few others that I need to check to make sure they’re good-to-go-for genital application. All of these have beneficial properties for the skin.

Also, if you dig getting blow jobs from skinny girls, you can just pop a little balsamic vinegar over your cock and tell her it’s a meat salad, only 2 calories per serving.

I hope that helps- I make my own skincare products and most my own haircare products, and I’ll do some more research into things that can help discoloration in sensitive areas (I know of some oils, etc, that work well on face skin, but not sure you’d want to put them on your wang).

Miss Lotus

Thanks The Beasty One, I guess you’re right. I’ve got to stop my PE for a while, at least until my dick is clear of spots. Thanks, too, Miss Lotus, for the information. I think it’s just not worth making my dick bigger if it’s not healthy.


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