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Balls to Penis Ratio


Balls to Penis Ratio

Hey I am curious about the people who achieved the much larger penis and then had balls that were out of proportion. I have always thought of my balls as pretty average but that was also when my penis was more average in size, now that I am much larger (especially in the flaccid state) my balls look much smaller.

I have read that damiana can help, but has anyone had success with anything else, right now my testicles are approximately 21 cubic mm. Supposedly that is dead average, but on the internet I hear a lot about egg size balls. However I guess that is the nature of the internet.

No one cares about balls ehhhh

This is seen with male porn actors. They appear to have small testicles, and the testes don’t appear to hang at all. Rather, they look like they have fused to the shaft of the penis. I’ve wondered if there is a connection, that as the penis is pulled away from the body with PE, the testicles naturally draw tighter.

That’s a good point, but when I had just began PE, I felt as though my testicles were getting slightly larger, and scrotum hung lower (more blood flow?). Now it really does feel as though my balls hug my body.

Hmm …balls to penis ratio…usually 2 to 1 I believe.

Originally Posted by shintaro
Hmm .balls to penis ratio.usually 2 to 1 I believe.


%#@& it! Shintaro beat me to it.

Guys, if high ridding balls is a concern then simply add a bit of sack stretching to your PE regime. You can do it hands on in much the same way that you pull on your wang to stretch it out. Also:

A Question for Cyberstud25 (re: low balls)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Iamaru, I don’t know that it’s just the fact that they are riding high, I feel like my actual testicles have to get bigger if I want to look more proportional. When it’s warm, my balls still hang, it’s just that my penis seems to hang quite a bit below them, and it looks a little out of proportion.

It’s not a concern, just an observation. As if the urethra, vas deferens, and any other streams of flow in the system are stretched out like a water hose. As the hoses get longer, there is less slack, and the testicles draw tighter to the body.

Interesting, I would seriously not worrie about it man.

Just made me laugh, one time in class someone was messing around and drew a dick and a pair of balls on the board. One of my friends said “that’s a pretty sad dick to ball ratio”. Don’t know why I just found it funny.

Ah good times.

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Ball size doesn’t worry me. As long as they hang low enough they don’t make your dick look small it’s all good.

my bolls hang very low, they hang just as much as penis when its flaccid

As long as the flaccid dick hangs below your balls its all good. Having huge balls could make your dick look small dont you think?

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My balls are around 7cm the left one is larger , it think. They hang as low as my flaccid does which id around 6-6.5” Well, I ave to wear relaxed fir jeans and they are still to tight in the crotch. However if I go up to a 36” waist from a 34” waist the pants fall off. If they just made pants to fit big nuts comfortibly.

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It’s normal for one ball to hang lower than the other. This is to keep them from clanging together when you walk.

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