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Balls getting tighter

Balls getting tighter

Hi guys, been PEing for a few months now and started to see some good gains - only follow newbie programme at the moment. Ive gained atleast 0.25 inch length, havent measured girth yet.

BUT im noticng my balls are getting a lot tighter. By this is mean, my erection is bigger and so is my flaccid length and its seems like its pulling on my balls, making them feel really tight and a little bit uncomfortable at times.

im thinking this could maybe be turkey neck problem or something, not sure any tips on how to deal with this?

Gently pull your sack down for a while. Over time it should stretch out.

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Originally Posted by ajcahoots
im thinking this could maybe be turkey neck problem

Hey ajcahoots :) ,

Turkey neck would be the opposite, where the skin stretches, therefore allowing your balls to hang lower in the loose skin.

I’m not sure about how to correct the tightness you’re describing, as your problem hardly ever seem to be the case around here. But aom91’s advice sounds pretty good, and makes sense, as long as you take it easy and don’t hurt yourself, you should be fine.

Good luck,


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Vice grip clenching on your balls? Well your lucky, mine seems to be having the opposite effect. Try stretching your nuts.

Hi guys thanks for all the advice. I think yes I will have to start stretching my balls. I think it could be because recently I’ve been jelqing alot and neglecting stretching, but I will let you know how I get on

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