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Ball Strechers

Ball Strechers

Has anyone ever worn a ball stretcher, and if so, what weight weights did you commence with? Did you wear a stratcher with two weights, and what weights did you reach by the time you stopped? How long did you wear during it a day? Thanks for your replies.


I’ve been wearing a cable clamp round my balls.

(I can hear an audible gasp at that statement - but its actually very safe..)

Medium sized, clicked to one click from totally closed. I do this as one of my balls is smaller than the other so the small hole in the clamp won’t let it slide back out as some other things have.

Its quite safe as even when the clamp is clamped all the way down, there is still a bit of room around the clamp and no loss of bloodflow can occur.

I’m going to add more clamps as my hang increases…

See Ya,



I was wondering is there a normal ratio of any kind your shooting for like equal flacid hang to ball hang?? Or is there any kind of standard to this ratio?

Newbie :)

Newbie I am just hoping for my balls to hang lower than they presently do. They usually are very retracted and I would like them to hang lower. I have read a lot about ball hangers with weights and was wondering if anyone had tried that method.

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