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Awesome Sensation.

Awesome Sensation.

I just finished my work out and was warming down. I happen to like bath’s so I use that for my warm up and warm down. But was just massaging out and started doing the slinky move but to the side and reaching as far back as I could. You know that spot where you feel the ligs attach and then feel the inner penis kind of go down and back? Well I was doing it way back there and it felt really good. I don’t know why. Has anyone experienced something similar? Is it because that portion of the penis is more sensitive because it’s internal and isn’t exposed to as much stimulation?


That’s a new one on me…

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Ya I don’t remember reading it anywhere.

I’m guessing here but probably you were stimulating the prostate that way.

That is a good point. Hadn’t thought of that. I think that is probably a safe bet.

What do you mean by good? I might now what you mean. When I stretch down/ back, I get this feeling kind of like the feeling you get when you take a pee after really needing one. Anything like that?

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