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Easy to lose sensation?

Easy to lose sensation?

Before reading, yes, I read this thread: Bad penis sensitivity - please help!

Alright, well, if you look at the time I’ve been a member, you’d probably be able to tell that I’m not exactly a “newbie” to PE, and I’ve done my research, blah blah blah.

But here’s the question…
Can PE make you lose sensation when it comes to sexual intercourse? I mean… I’ve had blow jobs blah blah, and none of them ever really felt that “nice” in the first place… But I hear about how all these people love getting em and crap, and I feel like I’m missing out on something. No, I don’t think it’s dysfunction, cause my hard-on’s are like a rock… Literally… It’s freaky sometimes how hard they can be -.-

I’ve pe’d off and on, nothing serious, probably not even the newbie routine, so I doubt it’s due to PE. (I’ve gained minor amounts for the past few months… Was 5 and 5/8” now 6 and 1/4”, but that’s beside the point..)

I was thinking I might get a tad bit more serious with my PE, but I’m worried I’ll lose sensation. What I have right now… I want to keep… I don’t want to feel absolutely NOTHING from it.

I’m still sensitive, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just freaked out about losing sensation, cause I feel like I’m missing some already from being a horn dog when I was younger… (A hardcore one… Who masturbated like, 4 times a day sometimes… maybe more…)

Graa, I’m going to go on like a broken record, but all in all, it comes down to this.

Is there a possibility that I’ve lost sensation due to my past masturbation? Can I lose it from PE? After reading that thread I mentioned at the beginning, I also believe that something might be up in terms of keeping a hardon… It’s normal for it to not STAY *hardcore* erect after a while of not doing anything right?….

Sorry, I’m ignorant in a lot of matters concerning this kinda thing… I’ve kinda… Just lost my virginity and all that and realized that certain things might be… Off… Thought I’d ask people who’ve done it probably thousands of times more than me… Heh.

Oh, if this helps any, I’m 18. Yes, I know I’m still growing, but that doesn’t change self-esteem -.- But either way… I’m worried about screwing anything up at such an age -.-

Niveus, I wouldn’t worry if I were you.

The thread you linked is an exception really. If you do your PE right, meaning you don’t do anything vigorously and too strong, there is no fear of losing sensitivity. So don’t worry, start the newbie routine and listen to your penis.

As far as the other thing - yes, it’s normal for it to not stay erect after a while of not doing anything. Oh blessed teen.

So my advice - don’t worry, explore sex, don’t feel like you need to get a blowjob if you don’t enjoy one. We are all different.

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Well, it’s not exactly that I don’t enjoy it, I just feel like I’m missing out on something, cause it doesn’t seem as great as some people like to put it… It makes me kinda think I’ve lost some sort of sensation that other’s have?

I mean… Even after like 20 mins, I wasn’t even CLOSE to ejaculation?… Normal?……ncompetence.htm
I think this could be it as well…

Self-esteem issues… Eh? Could be holding me back and stuff.

Pshhh, I think with my head, not my penis! Haha, jkjk, I know what you mean.

I believe that the cross over from masturbating to sex with a partner is like learning a new craft. You already know what to do to get a great sensation when masturbating, especially as much as you do. I my self did it every day several times a day.

When I began having sex I had to learn to satisfy my partner as well as my self. As I leaned every inch of my body became sensitive to contact with her body and not just the penis. It becomes a total body experience.

Stop whinin Niveus, you’re lucky. I’m so damn sensitive, I can come in 20 seconds with a blowjob if I don’t focus on controlling myself. Even sometimes that still doesn’t work. It’s embarassing haha. Be thankful.

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Originally Posted by wadatah510

Stop whinin Niveus, you’re lucky. I’m so damn sensitive, I can come in 20 seconds with a blowjob if I don’t focus on controlling myself. Even sometimes that still doesn’t work. It’s embarassing haha. Be thankful.

I’m guessing that you’re just kidding with Niveus, but just in case you’re not, please realize that if it’s you, it’s as big a problem to feel like you’re not sensitive enough and have a hard time coming, as it is to feel that you’re overly sensitive and come too quickly.

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PE is weird

Sometimes I’ve lost sensation after a jelqing session making me last longer and sometimes I’ve become more sensitive that it feels really good but I cum faster

I think both are positive effects

This kid is feeling exactly how I felt when I first had sex/got a blow job. However, I still have not found the answer to his questions and I am still in pretty much the same boat.

As for whoever says cumming quickly is a curse, you don’t know how good you have it. I’ve never got off from a blow job or sex with a condom and I can go as long as I want for sex without a condom (I mean hours, longer than any girl can take it I’m pretty sure). Pretty much the worst part is that she has to work too hard, to the point where it’s not even fun.

If you come too quickly, kegel and edge until you know how to control it. If it takes too long for you to come, well, I haven’t found an answer for that.


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Hi Niveus,

While I was trying to lengthen my foreskin before, I would routinely fold my foreskin over my glans and would use a little surgical tape to hold it in place. After a few days of your glans NOT rubbing on your underwear, etc. you start to get really sensitive! Just ask your partner to just lightly touch you for a few minutes before they go for the “finish”. I guarantee it will be a new experience for you!

Sometimes, I think we have too many thoughts in our heads while we are getting blown. If you are 69’ing or you can reach her pussy with your hand, it can take your mind off of trying to cum.

Good luck,


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