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AutoExtender VS. Penimaster

AutoExtender VS. Penimaster

Hi guys I just joined the site I have been doing excercises from the penis health site for a few week and I am now ready to purchase an extender
I have used the search function (before you guys jump all over me LOL) but I didnt any threads with a definate snswer leaning to either one.

I guess my question is which one would you buy based on past experiences?

I really want to make the right choice, any help apreciated

I guess different people have different views on the ADS devices. I use the PM and have not had any real problems with it. Some guys say they cant wear it for more than an hr., some say they cant get it to stay on,without poping off the glands and still other say they cant wear it under there clothes. I have not had any of those problems.

Since I have started wraping my shaft I have had NO problem with it coming off. The only problem I have is, after 1 1/2 to 2 hrs., it starts to sting around my balls where the ring sets. I`m still trying to figure out a fix for the problem. I did a little triming of the strap and its a little more “stealthy” now. I wear it under my clothes at work everyday. I kinda have a little bulge,sometimes but I can live with that.

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Thanks, I think I am going to go for the AutoExt. It seems like the owner of the company really cares about everyone and wants to make a good products VS. Other companies that just care about the dollar $igns. It definately looks more comfortable too.

Auto-Extender! :thumbs:

Easily “The Hands Down” WINNER!

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