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i am wondering, what’s the average size for asian guys?

Probably around the same size for white guys. I wouldn’t concern yourself with the slight 2/8” size differences surveys come up with when deciding racial size differences.

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well, mine is about 5” long when erected, which is an inch shorter than the average size for white guys.. so, is mine normal?

Normal? Yes. Average? Probably… I wouldnt know for sure, but there are white guys out there with 5” peckers too, so dont worry. Its not about where you start, but where you end up I guess. But yes, Asians generally tend to be smaller.

Welcome to the forum bgb. Any statistical difference, if it even exists, is miniscule. Penis surveys normally use what are known as “bone pressed” meaning the ruler is pressed into your pubic bone and measured on top. Make sure you measure like that. The average is somewhere near 5.5 - 6 inches. You can get an extra half inch for sure and more if you really want it. Buddhas, watch out or the spelling police will get you too, but do keep posting. :up:

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Since the Kinsey study didn’t have any asian respondents I don’t know whether it is true that asians have a lower average size, perhaps some more can chime in?

As Melvin says, we’re probably all about the same when you consider trans-race measurements.

I consulted for pure scintific reason some Thai bargirls who screwed around for several years wiht Asian and foreigners and have seen several hundreds dicks each.
Summarized the input they gave I understand that at least their Thais/Chinese/Japanese measure around 5 inches erect but lack in girth being far below 5 inches.
Asian seem to tend to stay erect longer and harder compared to others.

Hope this helps a bit,



Well, I am sure with jelqing, things will improve for myself

Yeah, I’ve seen some Oriental porn where the guys are kinda smallish, but damned if they don’t screw like… like…you ever see that video of that small dog humping the shit out of a stuffed animal? It was like that.

I wish I could screw like that.

How do they do it?

Super strong groin muscles?


Don’t forget that averages are taken from very small to very large. So whatever your size, it means no more than there are hundreds (samplewise) of guys with similar measurements to you.

It’s what you make of it that counts!


you could make a poll

An asian chick told me that Asian guys are a bit shorter but much harder. Asian women are typically tighter than caucasian or african.

I can’t gauge the average size of Asians because I don’t watch much porn from the oriental side (due to the lack of availability). Hence, the comparison was made to the size of the actors from the west.

Is it true that the enlarged weenie (after the jelq, etc) won’t be as hard as the original?

AndreasF, thanks for your dedication and personal sacrifices in resurching that!

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