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Asian fuckers


Asian fuckers

Har har… The title describes me. I’ve recently become very attracted to small asian women. I’ve always been attracted to smaller women as I’m quite short myself (5’7”). Currently I’ve been dating a small asian women (~5’4”), but we’ve yet to have sex. That’s why I’m wondering:

For smaller women, what is considered a large dick? I’m hoping my current 7”x5.8”er will be enough to satisfy her and get her talking to her friends. :)


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

It’s doesn’t really seem to go by the size of the women, one of the biggest girls I was with was asian and about 5 foot and some bigger girls like my current girlfriend who is 5-8 are very tight.

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Damn. I guess I’m just going to have to wait to find out. She’s quite small and quite skinny so I am hoping that my banana can apply good pressure to her skinny twat.

Dino, if you’re 9x7 then any girl should feel tight to you!


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause


9x7 is a goal, I’m almost 8.5x6.5 so of late most are not loose

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’ve been with tall, american women (above 5’7”) that were very tight and rather shallow. I’ve been with petite women that were loose and deep.

I’ve been with 3 asian girls (2 Japanese, 1 Chinese) and I did notice that the Japanese women were tighter.


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Those petite women are probably all loose and deep because they’ve already been sought out by others who thought they were tight because of their petitness.

I don’t know about their pussies, but American women are shallow alright!

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I’ve been with no Asian girls so I wouldn’t know :(

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I’ve fucked several Asian girls and every one of them have been tight. A couple of them were too tight to fuck… I also agree with Prickle that girls can get more ‘un-tight’ if they are having sex with someone that they feel tight with over time… I know my wife used to be VERY tight when we first started going out and on a good hard on she does wince as I put it in but just the other night she wanted me to pound it hard and I did it as hard as I could… She could not have taken that sort of fucking at the first part of our relationship, at least I don’t think she could have…

One thing I’ve always loved about Asian girls is the lack of hair.. They don’t have to shave their legs, always are tan and provided that you can get it in them in the first place they can take harder poundings then girls that are much bigger… One negative thing is that they don’t like to take it in the ass very much from my experience, butt I’m working on it…

Hi regularwhiteguy,

so your wife is Asian as well? Which country does she come from?
Being married to a Thai for 4 years now I still couldn’t convince her to take it anal. Might wait another 4 years:)



Dino’s size is just right as is to me. But I’ve read his replies in various places about age being a factor in sex.

So I think age and experience has a lot to do with it. Obviously.Of course I’ve never been with an asian woman. So I wouldn’t know. :) If I were single I think I would love to be with an Asian man, even with the myths of their penises. I say myth because I’ve seen some healthy Asian meat.

Sorry. Off topic.

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My wife is Filipino… Still has a heavy accent I might add… Her Father was attached to the Consulate office in Seattle for a few years and that is how she got here… Several years ago she chased me down on the freeway with a friend of hers and this Regularwhiteguy couldn’t help but write his cell number on a large hunk of cardboard and hold it up to the window… The rest is history….

My wife isn’t against anal but claims ‘my dick is just too big’ for her in that area.. Being that my prick is shaped like a road cone I keep telling her that it shaped perfectly for that kind of thing but she has yet to buy it… I get it once a year thanks to a rather big mistake she made so I’m waiting until Feb of next year…

I am one of those guys who has experienced a woman who has had a ‘gushing’, explosive orgasm where it actually SQUIRTED out of the vagina… While this only happened once in my life I was fucking this middle aged hottie in the ass when it happened.. The whole experience was so positive with her facial expressions, moans and shaking that I felt like a sexual god of sorts.. I’ve tried to duplicate this with other girls but most run like hell from it… It’s just that I had such a feeling of power after she had that orgasm that it is my destiny to provide my wife with one..

My wife has a bubble butt, junk in the trunk type of ass that is rare on Asian girls… Just thinking about it gets me so hard that it hurts! The asshole is perfect, I mean the color, shape and everything about demands I fuck it. I know I’m obsessed with it but I’m powerless to avoid worshiping it! FUCK!


It’s been my experience smaller girls seem to like bigger dicks more then tall girls.

Originally posted by ttiger
It's been my experience smaller girls seem to like bigger dicks more then tall girls.

Perhaps, but they don’t hold a candle to heavy wemon… A woman with a big gut needs a big dick out of NEED instead of “want”… I know I’ve stated my theory about cow pussy, so I’ll refrain from going through that again…

Tug_Monkey, I seem to attract Asian women because I am short. I am white and stand 5’ 5”. I lived with a Korean for 7 years, a Chinese woman for 12 years and am currently boning Philippine woman.

My cock is a little over 7” by 5.75 inches.

They all liked it a lot after I broke them in. In fact, they all liked being broken in a lot! I know in my heart that if a guy with an 8.5” by 6.5” cock came along that they wanted, they would enjoy the whole experience all over again.

Here are my words:


What my dick really wants now is a good, USD, American grown white woman with wide hips to fuck. I’m tired of the slender Asians.

My goal is to get me an 8.5” by 6.5” lady splitter!

Fire shall reign from above as shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to mortal flesh and shattered bone below.

For days, the dead hung in the air as dust.


Nice description!!
I screwed around in Manila a bit and found the locals being very talented when it came to blowjobs. The sex however seemed to be more mechanic compared to Viet-girls or Thais. During one of my ‘hunting breaks’ in Bangkok I was looking for a straight girl just for a piece of chance, and found Joy. Since then I moved to Bangkok and we married 4 years ago. Inexperienced as she was it took several months for her to learn how to give proper head. Fortunately her Thai boyfriends were very small which made my average sized dick locking pretty big for her…:)




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