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Are we supposed to introduce ourselves or something?

Are we supposed to introduce ourselves or something?

I hate this kind of crap. I consider the “I’m new” post to be unwanted and unneeded, but there are some message boards where it is expected. So…if you, like me, hate these kind of posts then please stop reading now. Otherwise….

I have been lurking for a while on this forum and the PEforums (under the name of Bezuzu). I followed the routine about two years ago with good results. Then followed the Jojido routine, hated it, and generally lost faith in PE - numerous other reasons contributed to this also. But I’ve decided to give it another go and here I am.

I am also a recreational bodybuilder (read: I love the process but don’t stress about measurements or body weight) and have been for about five years. So I have much experience with supplements, routines, blah blah blah… My hypoglycemia also has given me a lot of experience with supplements, vitamins, and diet crap. It’s all very fascinating to you all, I’m sure.

Now the part that will likely frustrate alot of people. My philosophy of not worrying about measurements or weight and simply enjoying the process extends to my PE as well. But curiosity has led me to measure myself a couple of times. In the middle of my days I measured 7.75 inches long, not sure about girth. These days it is 6.5 long, 5 around. I don’t plan on measuring very often - if at all. As long as it looks like it’s growing, I don’t really care about numbers.

Christ….sorry about that. I’ll try not to be so self-indulgent in the future.

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