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Are we gonna lose the gains

Are we gonna lose the gains

What happens if you get gains but stop doing PE?

Are the gains gonna be lost or does it partly stay permanent or fully permanent?

It depends. (God I hated that phrase in college, but can now see its usefulness)

If you PE for a week and get a few gains then quit, the gains are probably history. If you PE for a year and have cemented those gains, then they are sticking around.

I would do the newbie routine for 3 months and then decide whether or not you are staying with the program so to speak. The big thing with PE, and it cannot be stressed enough, is that it is a marathon not a sprint. If you expect to see massive gains in a week, you are going to be disappointed. If you want to see gains over a period of time, utilizing the positive and negative PIs (do a search on that term) you should be quite happy.

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For most part the answer is partially permanent in my opinion.

A bit of quick gains and you stop PEing? You may well loose all of it.

If you gain an inch over the space of a year and then go on a maintenance program of just a bit of PE every week and you should keep it all.

The same inch in a year and you stop cold and many guys will loose a bit, perhaps 1/4”?

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