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Injury/Time Off - Losing Gains

Injury/Time Off - Losing Gains

I’ve been off of PE for maybe about 5 weeks due to injury (think its verecicole). I’m still sore in testicles anytime I stretch a little. I lost most of my girth gains around 3rd week out and now I’m noticing my erect length gains are evaporating. My flacid state, however, does seem to be maintaining some of the length gains.

Everytime I start to feel better (no pain or aching in testicles) I’ll stretch a little to try to help keep some of the length gains and the pain in testicles starts up again shortly afterwards and lasts another 24-48 hours. So the stretching does seem to be contributing to the testicle pain. I’m constructing a Capt. Wench, hoping that hanging (instead of stretching) will allow me to better control the intensity and angle when I start up again, so that I don’t overdue it this time around.

It’s so frustrating watching the gains disappear and feeling helpless to do anything about it. I had been PEing for 3-4 months and had gained about 3/4” erect length and maybe 1/4” in width. I don’t even want my wife to see me in the nude until I can get back to where I was - it would just be too dissappointing (for both of us).

Does anyone have any experiences with injuries/healing/sitting out and things to do to try to keep gains (without actually stretching/jelqing)? Will it be easy to get back to the gains I achieved when I had to stop, or will it be harder to gain the second time around?

You need to consult a doctor.

I thought I read a post from a member here who would pump his balls and it made that condition feel better. I might give it a try if I had that problem. Maybe pump the sack, then do a workout afterward.

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xlmagnum, I went to Urologist about 2-3 weeks ago. He inspected me - no cyst or anything serious that he could tell. He told me probably varicocele or epididymitis. I took antibiotics (for epididymitis) and switched to briefs per his instructions. Told me to come back if it didn’t feel better in a week or two for UltraSound, but I can’t get insurance until June, so I’m putting it off until then.

I might hang off of PE altogether until the insurance kicks in. I guess the pain will dictate that.

new_member, I’ll have to search around and see if I can find that thread. Not sure pumping would be good for varicocele though, since with varicocele a vein in testicle is supposed to be really dialated (where it becomes enormous) and the blood, for some reason can’t flow back to the heart via this vein. It basically mean your testicle overheats by having all this blood sitting there, and it can become painful. I’m thinking that pumping might make the vein expand even more, but I’m not sure of this. I’ll look into it. Thanks.

I’m starting to think it must take a very long time to cement your gains - like longer than 3-4 months. Anyone know anything about that?

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