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Are there any member taller than 6'5'' or 2m

My GF swears the taller the guy the bigger the cock. Sorry. Must be like being black and not being horse hung.

Sadly I was right girls think like that:-( But I think that is worse being black and not have big dick than tall and have average size.

I’m 6”3 with muscular thighs and it makes my unit look small. My stats are 7.3 bpel x 5.4 meg.

It doesn’t really bother me apart from when I look at a girl giving me a blowjob sometimes, then I notice the contrast.

You are really digging a hole for yourself. That’s a nice big penis, I know proportionally it looks more average than it would on someone 5’9” but come on. You are tall and have a big penis…what more could you ask for? Would you rather be the 5’1” guy it a 8” penis? I bet it would be easier to get laid in your body.

Originally Posted by ddolphin
Those stats are above average, though admittedly they would look more impressive on a guy of smaller stature.

Yeah it does. I am only 5’10-1/2

Damn poor sleeping habits.
I am sure I would have been 6’2- 6’3. If I had better sleeping habits :(

[9/2010] 7*6 NBPEL/8*6 BPEL pic's Not PEing anymore. (as of Nov '10)

[12/2011] 7.37" NBPEL * 6.4"

[1/2013] Current stats:7.37 NBPEL * 6.5.

Me too

Originally Posted by hung21
Well if there isn’t, I’d SURE love to have that problem. In fact I’d pay for it.

Hell, I would pay for the extra foot in height. A short man is not a chic magnet. I am not bitching, it is just a statement.

Originally Posted by marky87
7incher and passwurdz what are your experiences with females,did you ever have negative comments about yours proportions(height and size of your penis)?

Once I fuck a girl ill come back to this thread and tell you how it went. So far I’ve had shitty experiences with women but it dosent have anything to do with my cock. I sometimes feel like girls think I’m abnormal because of my height but I really like it cause once I bulk up some more I’m gonna look how I want to.

Started May 2010- 5.9 BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

January 18, 2011- 7.0 inches/17.7cm BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

Goals- 8.0nbp X some more base girth

I guess it would depend on your height and penis size but I’ve had this discussion with my buddy about how much height in inches is penis length equal to. Assuming you have an average length penis and have average height we looked at the following scenario:

Assume you were a guy at a height of 5’10” with 6” penis length.

1. Would you give up 1” of your penis length to gain 2” in height? So you would be 6’ but have a 5” penis? No PEing allowed.
2. Would you give up 2” of your height to gain 1” in penis length? So you would be 5’8” but have a 7” penis? No PEing allowed.

He took option 1.
I took option 2.

My reasoning was a 7” penis would look considerably longer at a shorter height, whereas a 5” penis would look considerably shorter on a taller guy. He argued that a taller guy will get much more action, all other factors being equal, so penis size is kinda meaningless.

Starting Size: April, 28, 2010: NBPEL-7" Girth-6" (base, MSG, glans)

Currently: BPEL-8" NBPEL-7.25" Girth-6.25" (base)/6.125" (MSG)/6.125" (glans)

Originally Posted by RedJr
Hell, I would pay for the extra foot in height. A short man is not a chic magnet. I am not bitching, it is just a statement.

You’re so vain, you probably think this post is ……….. oh fuck it never mind.

Dude I’m 5’7 and I’ve had more (quality) pussy than a manhattan subway seat and 100 Tplace members combined in my lifetime.
It’s not about height. Sure I’ve taken a lot of gruff about it in my day. Never from a woman though. Always some asshole dude trying to
value climb. Thing is 99 % of the time he fails. Chicks will just give you this attitude that seems to say they’re not considering you a fuck partner. But I never had that get in the way of something I wanted either.

The measure of the man isn’t his height, it’s the man. Would I like to be a foot taller? Hell yes, but that ain’t going to happen.

Tall chicks are all legs anyways. When they’re pinned to her ear lobes and she’s gasping; “you shorter guys always have the big dicks”.
Well, it’s priceless brother.

BTW, there’s a couple of 7 footers around here too I believe. They’ll chime in if they want.


I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Originally Posted by RootCap
You’re so vain, you probably think this post is ……….. oh fuck it never mind.


I’m 5’6”.

Sorry I pissed you off.

I just want to hear experiences of very tall guys if there are any,do they have same problems like me?And how they are dealing with it?

Originally Posted by RedJr

I’m 5’6”.

Sorry I pissed you off.

I think he was referring to a song. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m 6’2” but I live in Serbia and people here are giants so I am barely average.

Marky are those stats bone pressed or none bone pressed?

Originally Posted by thickwitit
I think he was referring to a song. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Indeed, and it was a play on words.

This younger generation, no sense of culture and hostile too.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Being taller is an advantage in society, no doubt. But it is just one of many potential advantages. So you work with what ya got.

We do have some giants. Guys that are 6’6”s on up to 7”er’s. What we seem to have a bunch of are Light-Heavyweight. Guys between 6’2” and 6’4” in height.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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